“He’s Really Good” – Russian Chess Player at Park vs. Chedi Knight Brian

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We’re playing at the park with Russian chess players. Who’s really good? Who says it? About who? All that and more in this nice maneuvering game.


  1. Definitely not a blitz player. White would have had a better endgame.

  2. great game Brian I agree Russian players are good, but that Russian guy had no chance

  3. Do the Coffee Chess lot play online?

  4. Hey. Where do you play exactly? I live in Northern California but would like to come down and get a few games. Interested?

  5. Not all rules were followed — Black played several moves with his left hand and punched the clock with his right (ILLEGAL); Black castled incorrectly (move the KING two squares first, since the rook move first is a valid move by itself).

  6. anyone notice that their kings were not placed on E square during the start of the game?

  7. NOT proper rules…….you must hit the clock with the hand you move the piece!
    (Rule 16 C1)
    Furthermore, one must move their hand away from the clock after pressing it. (Rule 16C) Blitz rules in this respect are identical to regular games. (I am a TD)

  8. Song name is Prelude in C by Johannes Sébastien Bach

  9. question: Whats with the goofy names? Just asking
    also why do i feel like people are hating on the russian guy? he played very well and kept an equal position in the end. He only lost on time.
    heres the game : https://lichess.org/ZdTCXHgz#0

  10. Black castles incorrectly. He moved his rook first, then the king. It's king over 2 squares, which signals castling, then moving the rook.

  11. when the clock beeped at 10 seconds i was reminded of the seinfeld episode where the electric organizer began to beep in elaine's purse and the russian writer threw it out the window- i thought something like that could jave happened with oscar the octupus

  12. Is it just me or is the board upside-down?

  13. w8 i though its blitz game black, castle wrongly

  14. Black multi tapping and hovering over the clock really irritated me. Otherwise enjoyable game to watch even though black evidently doesn't do blitz.

  15. Is this in Plummer Park, West Hollywood? I've noticed a lot of Russians playing chess there before.

  16. Black's clock tapping triggered me big time. Other than that. well played brian!

  17. this russian guy either has ocd, or tried to piss of his opponent big time with everything he did.

  18. To me it's pretty clear that the russian guy was a pretty good player … but he seemed very nervous with the clock like he wasn't used to playing with them. just one example they way he kept hitting the button after it had clearly shifted over to brian.

  19. This guy was fidgety af! Constant rubbing of fingers and tapping the clock

  20. The Russian player does not suck, he seemed nervous and obviously not accustomed to playing with clock + he was being recorded. Black has a lot of initiative, there is a pawn storm on queen side, his rook is controlling semi open file, white is mostly reacting to what black is doing. Leave the Russian alone and go study some chess before you make stupid comments like "the Russian guy sucks"

  21. omg, all that irritating stuff black was doing, was hilarious to me hahah

  22. This guy needs to stop hitting the clock so much

  23. He's pissing me off everytime he doesn't click the chess clock.

  24. Russian guy rolling boogers on his fingers?

  25. this was russian vs chess clock not chedi knight lol

  26. The black pieces are hard to distinguish on the king side. That's always a problem whenever you don't put up a separate analysis board, for me anyway. I am not complaining or speaking for anybody else. Thank you very much for the post, keep them coming! Your effort is very much appreciated!

  27. I thought USCF rules dictated that the hand used to MOVE the chess piece had to ALSO be used to hit the clock button???

  28. Good player but not used to speed chess or playing with a timer.

  29. they dont impress me at all , very weak opening preparation full of weaknesses tactics totally suck

  30. this Russian dude doe not even know how pieces move this Chedi Knight Brian wont even beat a 5 year old from russian chess school , this dude is not even a chessplayer

  31. we already saw how weak russian IM punked carlini with 1 min against 3 odds

  32. When there are people like this who know what they re doing but are not used to playing on time i feel you should just forget blitz and play normally. A blitz player can play without a clock, but a guy without time can t just start playing on time

  33. winning on time?? srsly?, i just wasted 10 min of my life XDD

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