He Thought My GRANDMASTER Mom Was A Beginner In Chess…

We went to Washington Square Park in NYC and this park chess player thought that my mom was a beginner in chess, even though she is a grandmaster. Watch until the end to see his reaction when we tell him!

Watch my first encounter with Johnny here:

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  1. The Cramlings have great potential as straight persons in tv and/or film.

  2. I used to live around the corner from that spot in Washington Square. All the guys who play there learned in the joint and only know how to play one game. That said, this was delightful.

  3. Love this guy's passion for teaching chess.
    Would love to see the match where mom squashes him. You know he enjoyed getting destroyed by her. Always on honor to play someone that much better than you are 👍👍

  4. Anna, awesome video! 🙂 Your mom is so sweet! 🙂

  5. And he's only more enthusiastic after finding out she's a grand master. She's so humble and lovely too. Beautiful video.

  6. I swear when she said she played with Karpov, i had a goosebumps all over my body, that was an amazing surprise!!

  7. It’s so cute how he’s teaching a grandmaster how to play chess

  8. this guy could teach me in my sleep and ill be a GM in the morning…😂

  9. What a charming character this man is; he should be in the movies.

  10. I would go to any battle with this guy

  11. Do we get to see the second game somewhere???

  12. His dramatic audio, edited with music and animation could make chess internet gold meme.

  13. 7:19 – he did try to cheat though… street hustler got hustled… love it!!

  14. Best video I ever watched!! This old man is so great, so childish. And your mom is so calm and humble

  15. That guy was me presenting my leaf collection to my adult science teacher in the 7th grade 😀

  16. Tbh idk how anyone can see this as anything but mansplaining lol

  17. Very cute. Love that guy's enthusiasm and how excited he was to roll it back and play again.

  18. Chess for beginners in storybook form. I would buy that.

  19. I'd probably teach someone with as much enthusiasm as this guy

  20. I'm an occasional, inexperienced player and I learned from him today.

  21. This is the most wholesome chess video I have ever seen! This man is a great story-teller and a very good teacher.

  22. I love this dude's passion for chess. He's obviously an excellent teacher.

  23. Mer svensk kan man inte bli. "mmm" "mmm" 😂 Hur gick nästa parti

  24. Very nice guy! That checkmate was beautiful!

  25. Bästa videon på länge:D vad man gärna hade velat se nästa match också! Vilken entusiasm och charm karl besitter! magi:D

  26. The guy's absolutely amazing! Kudos to how he took it!

  27. LMAO @ Pia's face listening to the guy's guidance in the beginning. The smile must be genetic. It speaks volumes.

  28. Pia thinking to herself: "Play and stop talking; I'm trying to figure out how many moves it will take me to checkmate you." 🙂

  29. Fantastic! I loved everything about this video. ❤ Your mom's adorable and Johnny's personality is larger than his size!

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