Hans Niemann Banned By Chess Club | Levy Reacts

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  1. If he made a mistake and paid for the damages then it should be fine and we move on. Hans is one of the best chess players of our generation and he needs to be playing in these tournaments. Chess should be about chess and Hans chess speaks for itself!

  2. If Hans isn't playing in a tournament then I don't care to watch.

  3. Hans is really into being the new Bobby Fischer xd

  4. It's a combination of factors, as many other people have already pointed out in the comments. When Magnus withdrew from Sinquefield Cup in 2022, I thought it was a bizarre thing to do, and frankly I had taken Hans' side back then. But as time passed more and more toxic elements of Hans' personality came to the surface. I wasn't aware of the hotel room damage incident, but it doesn't surprise me at all. Regarding to cheating accusations more and more GMs now believe that the guy is extremely suspicious both over the board and online. Especially at Tournament of Peace in Zagreb and the way he played and all the tweets and then the reactions of other strong players, it's clear that he's unwanted in the chess world.

  5. Guarantee you he attempts to sue the St. Louis Chess Club now. Because he is that ignorant, he thinks whenever he doesn’t get what he wants or he believes a person or entity has “wronged” him, which is purely subjective on his part only; he cannot handle adults holding him responsible like an adult for his actions and what he says. Kid is a crybaby, he is a cheater, he is childish and it’s clear he has not been told NO enough in his life. Mix that with the fact that HE IS NOT EVEN THAT GOOD!!!!!! He thinks he is on the same level as Magnus and that is purely delusional, he will not take accountability because he is has weak morals and no backbone so in his mind he’s never at fault and overreacts every time he doesn’t get his way when he wants it. Petulant child

  6. Kinda off topic, but related to another "chess villain" – I'm curious what's happened to Sergei Karjakin. I know he was banned for some time due to political comments about the Russian war, but I think that restriction has passed? I'm not sure

  7. Levy, you are speaking as if his character is appropriate and that everyone including the chess world is just supposed to put up with it! That is not reality, Chess is a sport/game where maturity is expected even in children. Screw Hans, kid needs to be taught some hard lessons and he needs to understand he is not important AT ALL and chess will gladly and easily continue to move forward without him while not thinking twice, chess does not need Hans so he has nothing to stand on. Adults don’t deal with immaturity and childish idiots with an entitlement issue.

  8. When Hans grows up and puts all this silly behavior behind him, he could really be great, or he could continue to be just an exceptional chess player that does nothing else of any significance for the world. The choice is his. I kinda like the guy so I hope he chooses to become a better person.

  9. I think it's dumb to have 2 YouTube channels about the same thing, just put it in one place WTF

  10. Here’s what he should say, but he doesn’t say. “I was responsible, I was wrong and here’s what I’m doing to change the behavior.” There’s not a taking of responsibility with the cheating nor with the room destruction.

    At my job we considered that we were responsible for the protection of personal property and individuals at our facility. We took seriously the protection and safety of employees, clients, and guests. When we looked at candidates for training we considered background events, and if serious, we frequently asked for a letter from the candidate. What we were looking for, is a candidate to take responsibility, and explain why they’re not doing that behavior again. There was no confidence nor “overlooking” of events for anyone who didn’t take responsibility and openly agree that what they did was wrong and they are responsible for it and here’s what they’re going to do to change the behavior in themselves. On the other hand, candidates whose letters demonstrated such responsibility, forthrightness and evidence that they were going to do the right thing going forward got an invite.

    I’ve never heard Hans provide a statement without excuses confessing that what he did was wrong, and how he is changing going forward and is making retribution. Those games in which Hans cheated were not meaningless to the people who played them, nor are they meaningless do the rest of the world who expects honesty and integrity of fellow citizens.. Rather, he postulates that the other person should overlook his wrong behavior one reason or another.

  11. If Hans knew all along that “they are up to get him” and if he is actually is as smart as he claims to be, why does he give them such a great “scapegoat/excuse not to invite him”?

    He as a character isn’t trustworthy, imo.

  12. If only we could make Hans take a lie detector test

  13. People work very hard to achieve rating and win money, cheaters should be banned for life

  14. Imho its impossible to regain trust once you've been caught cheating.
    Its all about integrity. Once you lost it, its gone.
    Whom do you want to expect to invite a former cheater to a probably highly rewarded tournament?
    Its about big fame and big money. And only the strongest deserve it. And that without a question.

  15. St. Louis Club of pettiness and witch hunts.

  16. People will find anything hate Niemann while there are countless clips of Magnus being an arrogant ass, and nothing ever comes his way.

  17. Seconds till next Hans's lawsuit 3…2…1…

  18. Did they find any damaged beads in the hotel room?

  19. When an opinion is fair and balanced, the speaker usually doesn’t give a damn

  20. I was very upset numerous times in my life but not once did I feel the need to destroy something because of that. This is extremely immature and SLCC did the right thing. Absolutely despicable behaviour.

  21. I am assuming the sociopath and serial liar Hans Niemann NEVER made Restitution to the hotel. Is that correct?

  22. How does a TDS patient say with a straight face that he is unbiased?

  23. Hans is still young and it really shows in his immaturity, which is not really that present in other young players like Prag or Noderbeck among others. Aside from the cheating stuff, people don't invite him because he is just rough to deal with. It's no longer about the cheating. He isn't getting any good advice and he always finds himself digging a deeper hole for himself. He even attacked Levy despite Levy being one of only a handful of people in the chess community that fairly covered his perspective and did not pick Magnus's side. His ego is always 10 steps ahead of him, and nobody wants to deal with that. You'd think he would take the time to humble himself, but nope.

    Magnus and the chess community did not do this to him, he did it to himself by constantly inflating his own ego and beating his own drums, he calls himself the brightest American talent twice in 3 sentences, like come on. You know when you were in middle school and there was that one kid that you knew when he was around by his distinct smell before you even saw him? Even if he wasn't too bad to hang around with, you just didn't invite him anywhere because you didn't want to deal with that smell? Yes that's Hans for the chess world.

  24. Hans will become the best chess player because of this ark of his life. Then, never be invited to anything ever and never actually be able to prove he is the best player.

  25. The only reason SLCC won’t invite Hans is because they want Magnus to play 😏.

  26. The cheating scandal? What cheating scandal? You are doing well as a media manipulator. Keep learning.

  27. Imagine Wimbledon not allowing John McEnroe to play in the 1980s! Whatever you think of Hans it is unjust to not allow him to play.

  28. We need to take a look at what precription meds Hans is taking. He doesn't look right. I'm guessing Aderol and others.

  29. Heck he'll just come back even stronger and meaner, anything that's banned rockets up the charts, man you young dudes forgetting Fischer and his shenanigans already?

  30. I'm glad Hans is banned once you cheat online your trash anyway so dude has a mentality of being a cheater and obviously has mental issues and that interview after the magnus game acting like a Russian genius was ridiculous ban him for life

  31. i didnt notice it as a different channel until you said it lol

  32. It's not that hard to never cheat in chess, even online, and never to smash hotel rooms.

  33. Not a lot of people cared about chess but now with these scandals it is getting more exciting and it draws people in and with that more money for the front row seats. He at least owns up to his mistakes. So yeah, let the man play, ey!

  34. Hans admitted to being a cheater. Period. He also has been acting like an ass, which doesn't exactly make people want him more…

  35. Problem as I see it is Hans Niemann believes his bad behavior elevates his popularity like it did Fischer. Big difference is the chess world excused Fischer because he was a genius. When Hans accomplishes what Fischer accomplished Hans will get his due reward. Which we know will never happen. Hans needs to grow up and just let his chess speak for itself which recently has been all that great.

  36. "How does this keep happening to him? He can't be the first asshole to do these things." … well, he's the first loud mouth internet Karen asshole to do these things l. So, there's that…

  37. @ 9:38 of video. “Hans is “refuting” this…”. NO he was not “refuting” he was “DISPUTING.” Pet peeve of mine, words mean things.

  38. chess players on lichess are playing with engines liches is stronger then fide 10 times………

  39. According to google Hans is a millionaire. He can pay for the room no problem. That shouldn't be an issue.

  40. There is only one victim in this whole story – The Hotel, and it's not even that bad. It seems like they were well aware that any 20 yr old's hotel party results in more damage than this, and were not making a huge deal out of his actions.

    This had no bearing on the chess clubs ability to block hotel rooms or negative bearing on their reputation. It makes Hans Niemann look bad and further damages his reputation, however he is continuing to act in this manner. If you want his behavior to improve, everyone should just stop paying his way until his behavior improves or implement a code of conduct clause specifically for him with monetary penalties on all winnings/damages. No need to uninvite and take away from having all the best talent on the field.

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