Hans Banned From The Saint Louis Chess Club

Hikaru reacts to the news that the Saint Louis Chess Club has not extended an invitation Hans back to it’s 2024 events as well as cheating drama from CCT
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  1. Stop with the "speaks for itself" jokes….not funny anymore!

  2. Magnus and Kikaru effect – no invites! Did he cheat?! nope. Stupid chess nerds that bully the most talented US player.

  3. Hans destroying his career before it started. He seems to have some personality disorder. His streams are very cringe. He seems like he digged himself in this hole and continues and now everybody can watch him on stream. Which makes everything even worse.

  4. I know that this is an unpopular opinion, but does anyone else think this is bad for chess? Cheating allegations aside, Hans is legitimately one of the best GMs in the world and, with Magnus in the sunset of his career, the game needs new players to step into the spotlight to maintain the level of attention it's been receiving in recent years.

    If you're skeptical, check out his channel. Hans has beat Hikaru and forced Magnus to draw within the past few months. Unlikeable as he may be, the guy's only getting better.

  5. To be so angry that you cause extensive damages to things you yourself don't own, Hans really need some serious anger management classes. Other than that though, unless he has directly caused problems to people at Saint Louis Chess Club, it feels weird to ban him from chess for something between him and the hotel.

  6. He clenched so hard he crushed his … vibrating device….

  7. To be honest, chess has got some wild stories. I once heard about a man who needed to surround himself with boots just to play a serious game of chess. I want to say he deficated in them.

  8. Make an Armenian chess video. Best per capita ❤

  9. Hikaru's voice is nails on a chalkboard.

  10. I was shocked to hear hans beat hikaru in their most match.

  11. This guy Hikaru is such an endlessly obnoxious ass, such a child.

  12. Hey Niemann, keep your Hans away from my room!

  13. I guess they needed a 'reason' to ban him for all Eternity…

  14. The leaflet on newest version of anal beads, of which hans is a beta tester, states uncontrolled body movements as a side-effect. Can explain the property damage.

  15. Hans Niemann is a self-confessed chess cheat. He can't be trusted.

  16. Dude, it's not the beginning of the end, watch.

  17. Hans is like the John McEnroe of chess. He's talented. He's a brat. But he keeps bringing us back to the table like a bad gambler…

  18. Yup, now he will play " Hans Solo " 🤣

  19. Hikaru I know you would be our last GM that one would think to back Hans up and that is obvious. He is still one of our counties best chess minds and still so young. Maybe this kid just needs a little guidance I don't know. As a chess fan and an American. I would like to see how Hans grows into the future. I don't want to see him gone from the seen.

  20. Am I the only one who zoomed in on Hikaru's shirt to make out what's on it? I thought they're fish but turns out they're not! 😮😅

  21. "feels like we are headed towards a dangerous world" lol this is a line from script. who wrote you scripts Naka? also…"this is the beginning of the end

  22. Let's be honest and call this banning what it truly is, BS. Much respect for that club but personally don't agree with them on this. Hans is a very strong player. He has proven that. The harassment of him needs to stop. It doesn't look good and does nothing for the game.

  23. It’s clear Hans like so many chess players has personality issues. I’d say he’s an asshole. He has cheated in the past too. However, he’s also a great player and a rising talent in chess.

    Magnus is also a bad loser and an asshole. Like many champions in many sports he’s discovered that as time passes it gets harder and harder to remain at the top. So first he bows out of the defence of his title and then makes excuses for his defeats.
    Most world chess champions were or went a bit bonkers.
    At the end of the day they’re massive dorks moving chess pieces about a board less well than free apps on our phones.

  24. Clearly top players don't like Hans. If they threaten to pull out in tournaments Hans is in. I could see him getting pushed out. Just a thought he could also be lying.

  25. Keep this guy away from women after a loss sheesh

  26. leave the hotel destroying for us musician professionals 😛

  27. I dunno why but withSaint Louis declaration, he is not banned, just suspended to the club .

  28. so drama sagas are now a central part of chess. I thot that drama ruin chess but week after week people are keeping it alive

  29. All shits continue to hit all fans.
    Let's play blitz.

  30. If you look at uh if you look at uh if you look at uh if you look at uh if you look at uh if you look at uh if you look at uh wtf

  31. there is enough material with all this to shoot a movie or tvseries like the Queens Gambit 2. Hikaru played by Hikaru

  32. If Hans would have been beter at hidding his beads, non of this would have ever happend for Hans and he could just play every tournament he wants to without any drama involved for him whatsoever

  33. No more battery for his plug. Couldn’t handle it.

  34. I beat Hans a few weeks ago tbh he probably does indeed cheat

  35. Bro Hans destroyed you like he is taking a walk in the park hahahahzahaha

  36. Cant they make a device that can be hooked on chess players at tournaments that can detect unusual vibrations so that if someone cheated they can detect it?just a thought.

  37. He challenged you for 15 blitz matches wouldn’t you respond?

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