Greatest Chess Players in World History


  1. how you going to forget about frank James Marshall the 27 year world champion

  2. Dawg didn't magnus draw with him as a child? Magnus definitely #1.

  3. even if kasparov is one of my favourite chess player, chadsen deserve the 1st place

  4. Do u know Rashid nezhmetdinov sacrifice!!?

  5. I thought karparov and kasparov were same

  6. Meanwhile Shakuni laughing in the corner. 😂

  7. Abdul Muzaffar Aladin Bahamani Shah Arbaaz Khan says:


  8. In my opinion R.J.Fisher is the best!

  9. 1 magnus
    2 kasparov
    3 fisher
    4 capablanca
    5 karpov
    6 anand
    7 Morphy
    8 kramnik
    9 tal
    10 alekhine

  10. where the ladies are, where the playtresses are

  11. Magnus is all time goat

    My list
    1) magnus
    3) Fischer
    4) anand
    7) botivink
    8) Spasky
    10) ding

    If you will say resources vs gameplay
    1)sultan khan

  12. Bro I think you forgot that chess was invented in in India

  13. why tf do they all have cool sounding names

  14. Magnus "Magnificent" Carlsen chess G. O. A. T

  15. Kramnik is there on the list but no vishy ???

  16. Any top 10 chess players list that doesn't contain vishy anand and paul murphy is just meh

  17. Nahhhhhh wrong
    Top 3: magnus
    Top 2: Garry Kasparov
    Top 1: Kasparov’s grandpa when Kasparov was a kid

  18. how is kasparov better than magnus when he wasn't able to defeat a 10 years old boy and magnus has been champion for 10 years in a row in classic chess come on and is other mods

  19. Maybe you’re right, but for me tal’s games were the most interesting

  20. Actually iam the only goat . i always sacrifice my king😋😋😋

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