Greatest Chess Players: Alexander Alekhine – Part 1!

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International Master Danny Rensch is back today for’s YouTube Channel with an exciting video that reviews a game of one of the greatest chess champions, and most influential players of all time: The fourth world chess champion, Alexander Alekhine!


  1. Alexander Alekhine is the most influential and greatest among the greats. He has a grandest and gigantic concepts of chess. His style is very complex and very difficult to imitate. He is not content only on clear cut and simplification strategy. He deeply knows like imbalances in positions, shifting of attack to king. He is superb and have imaginative in strategy and tactics in every phase of chess.

  2. Had to pause this video laughing twice in the first 15 seconds. I have to ask, what do you get with you play with kids though? I'm hoping it's not a prison sentence.

  3. So did anyone get the other guys name? Where and when this was played? You know the kind of stuff that one might like to study the game.

  4. epic video i have been trying to make my chess vids as good as yours

  5. Even if you're pronouncing it incorrectly, at least sound it out correctly. How do you get a y in there? Alyekhine. Even just sounding it out you said it wrong.

  6. yeah it's so stupid you say it like this Oh-La-Hin stupid french messed it up though

  7. You guys are the best , keep in on please !

  8. Alekhine was always my favorite… I had 'My Best Games of Chess' when I was a teenager; and played through most of them. I studied other GMs, but Alekhine always had those 'out of the blue' moves – so beautiful and sound…

  9. i really wanted to buy my great predecessors but so many tell me there are so many typos in the books, are they wrong??

  10. At 4:09 why didn't white take the knight on d5? Surely after Nxd5 if black plays … Qxd5 white gets Qxe7 doesn't he? Or if black tries to play differently after Nxd5 he plays … Bg5 to try and keep the bishop white can block the bishop with Nf4 or defend it with Qf6 or Qb6. Does anyone know why this doesn't work?

  11. And at 9:09 why didn't white play Bxc5 instead of Rg1. I know i'm not the world's greatest player but I can't see anything bad about taking the pawn. Sure, he's in trouble then, but is he actually in any more trouble than he ended up in in the game?

  12. Great analysis, really enjoyed this – thank you!

  13. The man himself, going by an interview I've heard, was happy with 'Ale-keen'.

  14. Wow! I was the 10000th viewer. This has never happened to me before. I feel.. so special.

  15. SLOW DOWN there Mr. Speed Talker! What's the hurry? 

  16. Lousy commentary with jibber jabber and static pieces

  17. An IM can make a living at chess? Damn I wish I had kept practicing and studying chess since I started as a kid. 🙁

  18. yeah, game it's so excited, no doubt…. But this speedy way to talk it's not.
    Slow down

  19. only Fischer a little bit better than great Alekhine

  20. in Alekhine's hands Rook is better than Queen

  21. Incredible. THX! He should be best pronounced as Alokhnin from Aljocha but I saw that in touenament book about Nottingham Aljechine wrote himself he is like Alekhine. I my self have similar problems how to write my own name in Latin so its not easy problem. .Thx for the analysis of this superb game. The genius of Aljechine (Alekhine) was unlimited. Even in simultan games he was capable to change theory.

  22. Alekhine is way better than booby fisher, IMO

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