Greatest chess player of all time | Magnus Carlsen and Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman Podcast full episode:
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Magnus Carlsen is the highest-rated chess player in history and widely considered to be the greatest chess player of all time.

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  1. Full conversation with Magnus Carlsen:
    Quick note from Lex: The camera on Magnus died 20 minutes in. Most folks still just listen to audio-only version, but here on YouTube we did our best to still make it interesting to watch & listen by adding image overlays. I mess things up sometimes, like in this case, and it hits me hard when I do. I'm sorry for this. I'm always working hard to improve. I hope you understand. Thank you for your patience and support along the way. I love you all.

  2. You should have asked him how he ranks fisher random compared to ches

  3. Objectively it has to be Kasparov but Allure and potentiality wise it would have to be Fischer and Tal

  4. We r witnessing the greatest chess genius of all time and he talks back. What a treat magnus is

  5. With Messi, the fact that he has to execute with his body gives reasons for him to have points for style.

  6. Hmm…Fisher = Jordan , Karpov = Lebron , Magnus = Bill Russell..?

  7. Greatest chess player of all time
    Peasants: Bobby Fischer
    Men of culture: Botez sisters

  8. Is it that he isn't interested in talking about style or does he really think it doesn't have as much of effect as other things?

  9. Garry Kasparov is the GOAT. He got his brain broke by Deep Blue.

  10. Fischer, Kaspa and Magnus are the three clear goats

  11. Bobby Fisher was a prodigy, born to play Chess, watching the footage of him as a kid beating a room full of Master Chess players at the same time was mind blowing.

    Gary Kasparov springs to mind when i think of Master Chess players. I grew up watching Gary at his peak, and i remember when he played Deep Blue and Deeper Blue, the Super Computers built to play Chess, he became the first person to beat a Machine at a Human's game, and for that alone he will always be the greatest Chess player in my mind.

  12. Kasporov, Karpov and Carlson, all of them had and have a team that works to improve them. Bobby Fischer….did it by himself against all odds which makes him the goat imo.

  13. In 72 Fisher took out the whole Soviet chess machine with relative ease as a hermit with minimal assistance and without the assistance of chess engines when chess dominance was of the utmost importance to the Soviets for political reasons, being really well funded.

  14. Way Messi and Maradona played, athletes like Jordan can only dream of, Basketball is not even a fair sports to be honest. It's just BLM folks moaning and whining for free lunch!

  15. We’re watching the best player of all time. Right now. Enjoy it while you can!

  16. Bobby Fisher is way way better than Magnus. Bobby Fisher Changed Chess forever, and was always looking for the truth in life and in chess. He was the one who created Chess960, thus making chess more complex. Bobby Fisher is the GOAT.

  17. Wow. Just started watching some chess videos and now it’s all over my feed, and then lex comes out with this.

  18. Who would win in a best of series ….Fischer in his prime or Carlson?

  19. "It probably appeals to me a lot, because these are the things I cannot do as well. = "we love in others what we cannot do ourselves"

  20. I couldn't beat the Gary Kasparov chess game on level 1. That made that game way too hard.

  21. Bobby fischer is the 🐐 of chess

  22. Fischer-Spassky Game 6 of the 1972 World Championship is rather mind-blowing when you go through it with an engine on. Fischer gets so far ahead in a way which is almost impossible for a human to recognize. Material is basically equal the whole game (Spassky is even a pawn up when for the last handful of move) and yet Spassky is in a resignable position during the entire second half of the game and doesn't seem to notice. It's the game that illustrates the gap between Fischer and everyone else in the world.

    That being said, Morphy should probably be in this conversation as well. It's hard though, because was playing "modern" chess in era when nobody else was. Undoubtedly a genius, but the lack of competition makes it hard to place him.

  23. Paul Morphy is probably the most creative and innovative chess player of all time. My favorite.

  24. Bring in Vishwanathan Anand, who would actually respond like a thinker unlike this freak!

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