Greatest chess player of all time | Magnus Carlsen and Lex Fridman

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Magnus Carlsen is the highest-rated chess player in history and widely considered to be the greatest chess player of all time.

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  1. I'm not gonna lie. For a sec I was like wtf is Perez Hilton doing in the Lex Fridman podcast!. Shout out to 1 of the best of all time chess player that ever walked this earth. Mr Carlsen.

  2. How about Morphy, Capablanca? Sad that these & other superstars ruled in different times & Nature has deemed impossible tournaments where Fischer, Morphy, Kasparov, Carlson et al take part.

  3. He just wants to win,no style and things like that,

  4. AI chess has changed the skill set needed to be a the top. So MC is the first in the establish era of AI chess. It is impossible to compare past generations which was without AI. We may still be in transition if we transition to less time limits as more reflective of "human chess" as classical becomes pure memory/prep then different skills will be more important for top players.

  5. Definitely Kasparov then Magnus I will include Lasker because 27 years WCC is a long time , the great Capablanca because he was a Machine. Then I can include Fischer mostly because he cry to much, the Candidates was changed for him and Spassky wasn't that strong and is well known that stop studying chess. Taimanov (42-45 years old) Fischer (28 years old if I'm not wrong) and Petrosian (42 years old) Fischer (28) there is no way this older players have a chance of beating Fischer in a match they were already past there prime a long time ago, the only one The Great Danish Bent Larsen wasn't Fischer level. So yeah Fischer should not be in the conversation IF everything is taking into account.

  6. When two geniuses meet, they forego the primal urge to move and cue non verbals, they just sit still and converse telepathically like in this video.

  7. Can anyone explain to me why they're dunking on Hikaru here? Idk Chess lore, but he's 8th place, is that bad?

  8. Lexington fries knows the right questions to ask. Good interviewer for magnus

  9. Paul Morphy needs an acknowledgment! He was far and away ahead of everyone like Fischer. If all the great champions started today with the same knowledge, my money would be on Morphy and Fischer.

  10. Gotta love how Magnus pulled a Bobby Fischer and turned off the cameras when Lex was busy!

  11. Bobby Fischer would easily be widely regarded as the GOAT if it wasn’t for his anti semitic remarks

  12. No mentions for Tal? For me the player that elevated chess to art at its purest.

  13. Had to get one stab at Nakamura in there

  14. His indifference toward style sounds like autism

  15. "The energy and dynamism in the play of the young Kasparov is something that appeals to me because I cannot do it" I love such a candid admission. Only a player of supreme caliber can have such candor.

  16. With chess, like sport, you can only be the best of your era.
    Someone will come along in the next generation and improve on your performances – although that doesn't mean that they are better than you.
    ….Standing upon the shoulders of giants.

  17. It's weird that all these GOATS really don't take things seriously. No stress, no pressure. Meh…Whatever.

  18. For me the greatest chess player has to be lelouch V britannia

  19. What I find interesting is how grounded Magnus sounds. Most players would probably come off as arrogant if they placed themselves in the GOAT conversation but Magnus just comes across as matter of fact. The honesty and clarity is refreshing

  20. I really like the way Magnus speaks about himself. He's very humble and yet has a healthy amount of confidence about the acheivements of his career. Such a nice person.

  21. I think the greatest chess genius is settled, and hands down it's Bobby stop comparing to him.. just say outside of Bobby Fischer, who is the greatest?? U could put magnus, Kasparov, Mikhail Tal, Morphy…but Fischer, due to his wrecking literally every player and his undefeated streak and his record during that time which will NEVER be broken, and the 140 point gap between he and the rest of the world, and the fact he defeated the soviet bloc on his own settles it forever just stop with the comparison…there isn't any…there are 19 players within 140 of Carlsen

  22. FIDE rating 1972: 1 Fischer 2785 2 Spassky 2660.

  23. I love how people always go "hurr durr engines bla bla bla",like its only magnus that has the engines and other top players dont

  24. Can't compare eras, can only compare how one does against their piers. No one dominated their piers the way Fischer did for a short period of time but Magnus is certainly in the conversation of best ever. He has clearly been #1 for the past decade, in five World Championships he's only had three losses total. He destroyed Nepo in the most recent one and Nepo once again won the Candidates so Nepo has displayed dominance against piers not named Magnus and Magnus has dominated Nepo.

  25. Its like in football. Hard do compare eras.
    Fischer = Pele
    Maradona = Kasparov
    Magnus = Messi
    Imo the game evolves so the goats are the recent ones

  26. Could Magnus at his peak defeat Deep Blue as Kasparov did in 1996? And will Magnus still be playing at top level tournaments in his 50s like Kasparov?

  27. Hey Lex don't sweat it about the video. Audio only is ok for most of us because we have seen so much of Magnus and are very familiar with his mannerisms and so forth, I think many of us can visualize him speaking as we listen. Just keep doing pods like this. Very educational in many ways. Good job

  28. Magnus fanboys are the worst.
    1. Fischer
    2. Kasparov
    3-7. Morphy / Capablanca / Lasker / Carlsen / Botvinnik (in some order)

  29. Magnus: Talks about himself for longer than the 2 greatest chess players of all time
    Magnus fanboys: OMG! He so Humble.

  30. I still consider Bobby Fishcher the greatest chess mind of all time. It was a sick mind but I don't believe he was autistic like MC.
    MC brain is wired differently than all the men he made a career out of. He is the rain man of chess and his best accomplishment is when he played like 10 boards at once in his head. The most brilliant people on this planet could never do that. Therefore, he has a clear advantage over his opponents that aren't autistic. MC has beaten himself more than he's ever lost to another player.

  31. Obviously my opinion on the matter doesn't matter being a lowly 800 elo but my vote is Fischer. He was amazing.

  32. Fischer was only world champion for a few years and then he retired. Boring. Longevity matters.

  33. I will say Lasker, Morphy, Kasparov, or Carlsen.

  34. Imagine if MAgnus was like "what do you mean of course I am the greatest player of all time is there any doubt?"

  35. You can’t compare people who ruled chess during a time when the only way to play was over the board. No computers to play against that had an engine that was worthwhile. No online play. Their opportunity for playing experience was not even close to what modern players can attain.

    Players in the last two decades have been blessed with the ability to play vs an engine for practice and are also able to play against high caliber players at any time of day by going online.

    It’s like comparing ww1 and ww2 fighter pilots against modern fighter pilots. They didn’t have simulators, top gun, red flag, or the ability to train before a fight like pilots do today.

  36. Isaac Newton is considered by many to be the greatest physicist of all time. Yet he knew much less than the average phd of physics today. As he himself put it "I only saw further standing on shoulders of giants." If we apply the same criteria to chess players, we might perhaps measure their influence, contributions and importance to development of the game. Not just metrics as number of titles, rating, etc. Perhaps Kasparov was the most successful chess competitor, but the giants of old invented most of modern theory and Fischer popularized the game more than anybody else. I personally think Demis Hassabis' contributions to the future of chess will be ranked higher than either Kasparov or Magnus's.

  37. “For hikaru nakamura… just kidding” brutal 😂

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