Greatest Chess Move Ever

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  1. "honey why is there a bruise on your head"
    "Gold coins are heavy"

  2. I don’t know any rules in chess but is it possible to move the white king to H2 after a check from Knight in G3? If so, what happens afterwards?

  3. I'm a beginner and I just guessed lol and got it correct

  4. What if we don't take the queen and move our room to E1 then our king can escape if he uses his queen

  5. God damn it, I thought Queen e3. Off by one space…

  6. Why didn't he move rock to e1 after queen last move

  7. Reason I can’t count of why I suck at chess

  8. When the white Queen cut black queen then knight does a fork and take the queen and then again its a check what if instead taking black knight with pawn he move king to g2 instead. ?? Is it now also a forced mate?? anyone explain pls? i think that's the only move to safe from the check for some time.

  9. Can someone tell me what could happen if white went pawn f3?

  10. Can he move pawn F3
    Without taking queen and rook


  12. Best move if black sac the queen then play pawn f3

  13. if the queen takes and you take back with the knight why can’t just the king move because after knight takes rook pawn takes rook and black has to play a knight and rook vs rook endgame ?

  14. What if white moved the rook that was closest to the king? Then it wouldn't be checkmate

  15. Imagine you’re playing an opponent and they make a move so good the audience literally throws their money at him.

  16. Greatest Chess move ever, checklist.

    1. Sacrifice the ROOOOK!!!!!

  17. It's a draw after Qxg3. Because after Nxg3 it is Kg1. Not fxg3. In order not to lose material Black has to repeat Ne2+ and Ng3+ and in order not to get checkmated White has to repeat Kh1 and Kg1.

  18. Look i Played this 100 times and only 1 brilliant 796 elo

  19. I was thinking knight to E2, and I’m pretty proud of that 💀💀

  20. Is Ne2 followed by Rc2 not also a forced mate? King must move after Ne2, then if white takes rook on c2 then queen mates, if white moves pawn b3 then other rook moves a2 mate, or any other move rook takes c1 right? Am I missing a move?

  21. I like when he said mate In one move😂😂

  22. I tried my best but the "best" move i could think of was queen to a3 😢

  23. Knight E2 is a forced mate in two as well.

  24. How did i know the first two moves when I'm bad at chess 🤯

  25. Imagine if the gold hit him at head and he died

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