Grandmaster Maurice Ashley plays NYC trash talker – The Tim Ferriss Experiment

I was schooled by the best hustlers back in the day! This was actually in Washington Square Park where the late great Vinnie Livermore used to beat my ass at that same table! (This is a bonus clip from The Tim Ferriss Experiment TV show. Watch the full series here: )


  1. lol i bursted he started saying COT COT COT

  2. Why can't we follow the game in a diagram? This is just useless.

  3. I recognized the jailhouse technique of repeatedly straightening your pieces to where they work best for you. I hate playing a cheater. I’ve never understood why they cheat especially when there’s no money on the game

  4. I have NO idea what is going on but it’s so cool.

  5. He basically wipes out two knights with one strike with the pawn.. truly incredible best move ever I witness..chess ninjitsu😊

  6. He was shocked and should have been honored at the same damn time! 😂

  7. I hate cheater's and he still Lost 😂😂😂

  8. I've watched this so many times. Its human poetry.

  9. He even let the pawn stay where the guy falsely moved it and the dude didn't notice 🤣

  10. I think that the hustler was a haracicissist.

  11. why put a chess video without the board on the screen? 🙁

  12. You didn't tell me your name? Maurice….

    Ashley . Dude immediately overstood !

  13. When you cheat, you’re only hurting yourself.

  14. That was brilliant ! Took him apart before he'd played his first piece and he never realised it 😂

  15. I miss the good old days when you can put a bullet in the chest of a cheater.

  16. Legend has it the trash talker's still yelling "CUT CUT CUT!" to this day.

  17. What type of chess pieces are those? I wanna buy them.

  18. White man taking everything from the black man.. it never ends

  19. Hustler: uh uh ooh uh uh eh no no
    Maurice: gawh there's alot of trash talking going on in this place

  20. What a cheater, twice that I saw, like they say cheaters never win

  21. Wilson the Chess hustler failed to recognize the Bart Simpson maneuver of pulling out a slingshot, grabbing a captured piece, shooting it at the enemy king, yelling “Yahtzee”! As people in his crew react and playing WWE walkoff music & acting like they just won the superbowl and never looking back.

    Maurice meanwhile is stuck confused as if the entire game of chess he learned to become a grandmaster at was wrong and this whole time studying he could have just bought a slingshot if the two knight capture doesn’t work while yelling “eat my shorts” to anyone who claims his tactic is not legal.

  22. Surprised the chess hustler after his failed double capture didn’t try an “early promotion” to queen claiming the king married the pawn because he “likes them younger”

  23. Wow, an ignorant little man tried to cheat when he started to loose

  24. It's ok to lose a game of chess but it's never ok to cheat. Wilson you are nothing more than a cheater. Shame

  25. Love the way Maurice refuses to let go of his hand at the end. Wasn’t about to let him escape this moment.

  26. Maurice started like such a gentleman, love the dude-then went straight gangsta when dude started clapping.

  27. Maurice is so cool. Could have a career in film easily. So polite and articulate.

  28. Am I the only one who finds it strange/suspicious that the gentleman (surrounded by professional cameras) has no idea what his idol looks like as he walks away asking for his name, and then is completely perplexed when he hears the name?! ?!?!?!?!? Total fake!!!

  29. I feel like taking a shower after seeing his dirty tactics.

  30. I would bet that this old man is a master himself, not getting crushed in the opening, surviving into the endgame albeit losing.

  31. He knew that name lol. Not the face but he instantly knew that name.

  32. i couldnt tell who the Grandmaster was until otherson Got cauGht cheatinG.

  33. Can someone tell me what accent the guy with the beanie has?

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