Grandmaster Hans Niemann Plays Me For A Date

GM Hans Niemann, a young talented chess grandmaster (top-100 in the world rankings), came prepared for his match vs Andrea Botez. The stakes are high. If he manages to win three games in a row, he will get a date with Andrea. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, who you are rooting for!
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  1. If you didn't wanted to go on a date with hans then why you accepted the challenge 😂

  2. She really didnt want to go on a date with him… poor lad

  3. Unfortunately, all they did on the "date" was play chess.

  4. Could i play chess with alex for the same award?

  5. Knocking over every other piece !must be a strategy!

  6. United Super Hero League OFFICIAL ITA says:

    So that's the prequel for the villain of the saga?

  7. All I see when I watch this is Hans with NO ACCENT vs the interviews he did after he "beat" Magnus and I guess was playing I'm a great chess player pretend?

  8. 😂 Watch out, Dude. The next thing you’ll find yourself doing is proving to her how much of a gentleman you are by fixing her garbage disposal.

  9. Bro he’s more focused on the girl than on the chessboard

  10. Why does the beginning feels like you know something you see on orange YouTube

  11. A long time ago Hans lost a similar bet. If he won, he got a date with Andrea. However, if he lost, he had to go on a date with Papa Botez. He lost the match. Is his date with Andrea's dad on the internet?

  12. You can use your finger to check if he is using the beads.

  13. He's right though… i would love going on a date with botez 😮

  14. If i knew i could go on a date with a botez sister by winning at chess, i would become a grand Master in a week… im currently 800 in bullet, thats how much I would dedicate myself 🤣

  15. Damn, Andrea is looking really delicious!!

  16. I think we can all agree that we all usually skip this part

  17. He thought if he beat carlsen he would get to go on a date, now we have the motive.

  18. Don't date him Andrea! If you were his girlfriend I fear that one day he would cheat on you.

  19. Hans makes makes me think of Anakin lmao

  20. Niemann is such a weirdo and he is cheating right ?

  21. The fact that she wanted to do redemption so bad mean shes really doesnt want to go on that date haha

  22. Eu normalmente pulo essa parte

  23. Ofc he’s gonna win what do u expect he’s a cheeea… chess grandmaster?

  24. I love the idea of playing chess as a pickup line.

  25. OK fine, deal (handshake)….loses every game… Ends video. Chess cheater vs sore loser…. a perfect match.

  26. Playing with you must have been a pain in the ass

  27. Why is has accent so American here, but so not in everything post scandal?

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