Gotham vs. Gotham-Bot: Can I Beat My AI Clone?

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0:00 Intro

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  1. it’s trying to get you to sacrifice your rook! lol

  2. Gotham
    You looking a little sleep deprived

  3. this video does not pass the bechdel test

  4. Your bot is bad your bad but i beat your bot bro.

  5. Wow they really got someone that looks exactly like the gotham bog

  6. Every master be like: "is this a draw" for every fuc*ing time they get equal material

  7. You aren't attached to your queen so i take , somebody took it to the double meaning .

  8. why should he play a different opening you teached him how to beat you in one move lol

  9. Gotham-bot: ''You're just gonna attack my king? No dinner first?''

    Me: W-What? I don't even… That doesn't make any sense. Who programmed this bot?

  10. If he wore hoodie how would we know which one is bot

  11. Gotham vs Gotham
    I think Gotham will win this one

  12. The bot is pretty accurate except the trash talk. You both blundered a winning position and drew 😅😂

  13. Gotham must be so happy that he wasn’t an elite gm. He’s made so much more money and is more famous. Curious about the name n where it came from

  14. His lines need to be “THE ROOOOOOOK!!!!”

  15. Hey im a chess player from south africa never played professional but i defeated THE MAGNI GOT PROOF MY FRIEND RECORDED ME WHILE I PLAYED SO PEOPLE CAN SEE I DIDN'T CHEAT HMU IF YOU INTERESTED IN SEEING HOW I WON

  16. Ah yes, the first gotham video i ever saw. (But didn't click on)

  17. They should add”he sacrficed the rook

  18. My daughter is turning 8 in 3 days. we love watching your videos but she says "don't play the Dutch defense"

  19. Congratulations, you played yourself👍

  20. Three years later, the lines haven’t changed

  21. If I were the bot…

    Edit: Is it a checkmate??

  22. If you play a bad move it's goes your trash

  23. Fun fact. In game 2 the bot that moved the pawn to e3 it stays their all game

  24. No dinner first? He meant you missed the opportunity to take his rook or at least attempt to. That’s around 7:55

  25. Coming to think of it, I’d like to see Magnus vs. Magnus. That would be very interesting content.

  26. i'm a beginner but i've a doubt, after 27:24, he could've played knight a6 and if bot takes knight play rook c2, this can stop the knight and the pawns would be stuck too??

  27. Oh… That Gotham, no the Gotham's Batman 😢.

  28. I JUST got an ad saying that kids can be on your streams but not grown ups 😂

  29. 15:06 the bot knew him to well and the bot made levy resign on move 1

  30. 8:50 at this you should cot down his rook by going rook d8 there is check by bishop but there is a exception king can take back too

  31. oh look, It's batman's home vs batman's home remastered

  32. Im a little late but what is this app called?

  33. 8:40
    I dont get it.why u Didn't played rookD8 here?
    U could take his rook without any problem right???

  34. Bro this guy got my nervs dear god just take it

  35. He should say and he sacrificed the ROOOOOOK when you sack your rook

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