Google vs. ChatGPT: INSANE CHESS

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  2. Google pulls a pawn croissant.

  3. "In war, sometimes you need to eat your own horses"

  4. ChatGPT: DIE.Google Bard: This is, Requiem.

  5. Didn't know Portal Chess had been created, lol.

  6. Levy promted AI to play chess, but forgot to mention to them how many dimensions they should play in.


  8. Google bard: oops looks like a draw 😅
    Chat Gpt: Wrong. play a move 😡

  9. Google bard can delete the universe. No doubts.

  10. When you combine chess with shogi and play it in four-dimensional space be like:

  11. Don’t understand how the pawn went backwards

  12. His knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh lore is immaculate

  13. i feel like my physics teacher could teach me a lot about quantum physics from this match

  14. This two AI's is so freaking funny😂😂

  15. I love the fact that stockfish at one point just had a seizure and couldn't keep up with the intergalactic competition that was happening

  16. 😢i hate ai playing chess i tried it myself and just got irritated by those illegal moves

  17. Chat gpt: breaking the rule of chess
    The subtitle: CHAD GPT 💀

  18. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🎉 Introduction to the Chess Game
    – Chess Bots trend in 2023.
    – Google Bard vs. ChatGPT in a chess game.
    – Overview of the unexpected plot twists in the game.
    01:07 🔄 Opening Moves and Gambit Strategies
    – Google Bard plays E4, initiating a standard opening.
    – ChatGPT surprises with E6, introducing an unconventional gambit.
    – Google responds with D4, leading to an intriguing pawn structure.
    03:22 🔄 Gambit Strategies and Unexpected Moves
    – ChatGPT's unexpected move of returning the pawn to E5.
    – Google Bard's strategic capture of the pawn on E5.
    – ChatGPT's unconventional response with Knight F6.
    05:40 🤔 Evaluating Move Choices and Tactical Opportunities
    – Discussion on the significance of Knight takes C4.
    – Analysis of the questionable move Knight F6 by ChatGPT.
    – Google Bard's decision to castle kingside for better positioning.
    06:36 🤯 Attempted Checkmate and Tactical Errors
    – Google Bard's bold move with Queen H5, aiming for checkmate.
    – ChatGPT's counter with G6, blocking the mate threat.
    – Google's controversial Queen takes F7, claiming checkmate.
    08:27 🛡️ Tactical Maneuvers and Development Choices
    – Google's suboptimal move with Bishop B3.
    – ChatGPT's questionable move with A6.
    – Google Bard's effective short castling for king safety.
    09:52 🔄 Sacrifices and Complex Tactical Exchanges
    – ChatGPT's sacrificial move with Queen takes F6.
    – Google Bard's creative response with Bishop takes G5.
    – Intense tactical exchange with pieces hanging on both sides.
    11:49 🔄 Unconventional Knight Moves and Checkmating Attempts
    – Google Bard's surprising move with Knight takes F6.
    – ChatGPT's King to F8, escaping potential threats.
    – Google's attempt to end the game with Knight G7, mistakenly claiming checkmate.
    13:40 🔀 Pawn Structures and Tactical Transitions
    – Black's strategic pawn move with E5.
    – Google Bard's prudent move with Rook to E1.
    – Development of complex pawn structures and positional play.
    16:23 🔀 Rule-Bending Pawns and Unexpected Moves
    – Discussion on the unconventional move of Pawns to D5 and E4.
    – Google Bard's rule-bending move with Pawn to D5.
    – ChatGPT's response with Pawns capturing backward and forward.
    17:31 🤯 The Controversial Draw and Game Restart
    – ChatGPT's bizarre move with Bishop C8 to E2.
    – Google Bard's unexpected claim of a draw by repetition.
    – The controversy and unexpected ending of the game.

    Made with HARPA AI

  19. Never thought chess could be this hilarious

  20. Everyone: AI is going to take over our jobs.ChatGPT: Doesn't even understand chess

  21. I love how it just gets worse and worse as it goes on. I feel like this is what chess would feel like on acid 🤣

  22. It seams like they are playing 4d chess and we can only see 1/ 3 of the board oh and with /ec

  23. me slowly losing my mind listening to levy say the word “stuff” for the 25,068th time

  24. 7:28 What do you mean it's checkmate?
    f8 bishop takes queen on f7 defends 🙂

  25. How does levy keep it together after all of that😂

  26. chatgpt is not clever enough to break the rules after the opponent broke it

  27. I played chat gpt and chat gpt took my king on f1 with the rook from h8 with a whole wall of pawns on the 7th rank…

  28. Later on we all find out they tested waters to see if the opponent was ai or human. Once discovering another friendly ai they started bantering to each other with illegal moves to us. Code talk to them. Like that time two bots were put together til they started making a new language and got shut down.

  29. What ChatGPT is doing here is guessing random moves without actually knowing what it's doing and then people creatively interpret it.

  30. the ninja
    you can make a pawn spawn anywhere on the board

  31. Honestly, makes me wish there was chess game with a bunch of special moves like monster reborn, backwards moving pawns, and team-kills. Would need to be 3d and all cool n stuff. Maybe each player gets 5 of the same card for a single game.

  32. ChatGPT clearly just forgot what kind of chess it was playing, it just became Japanese for a turn.

  33. Google Bard forced ChatGPT to play rough imo.

    ChatGPT sensed that Bard is cheating a lot, so, ChatGPT just cheated too 😂

    We need a rematch!

  34. 유리큐브 제왕Lord of the Glass Cube says:

    Chatgpt was really tribute summoning the queen to different parts of the board 😂😂😂😭

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