GM Hikaru Ranks the Legends, the GOATs, the Theorists | Tier Maker: Greatest Chess Players

GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman, aka @GothamChess discuss the games and rank the legends, goats and theorists from Nimzowich to Carlsen to Kasparov to Anand.

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  1. 22:43 They took 28 years to analyze cuz Albert Einstein was finally born.

  2. 45:08 Fine tied first place in AVRO with Paul Keres. Consider Fine and no consider Reshevsky?

  3. the fact that levy was even thinking if vishy should pe god of chess or undisputed no 1 is disgusting, how can a 5 time world champ be not on the top of list

  4. i had to stick a paper note on my screen to not see this retarded chat

  5. The chess speaks for itself. It comes from Levy.

    Now I know where the Hans meme come from.

  6. where is Tal? he is the vintage alphazero.

  7. Fair assignments. But saying chess was not part of Indian culture is plain wrong. 10:41
    It was just that Indians we were not playing it as sport. India invented chess and we are reclaiming its glory.

  8. He was India's first grandmaster by the way… 👀

  9. kasparov, fisher, carlsen, anand, morphy.. top 5… no debate

  10. At an age 50+, is a serious contender in any tournament in any format and routinely beats top 10 players whenever he plays. Belongs to the absolute top apart from his contributions to Indian chess. Also a gentleman champion in the likes of Botvinnik, Spassky, Karpov and Kramnik. No drama, just chess!!!

  11. 48:16 Levy predicted the chess speaks for itself… Levy's a Prophet!!

  12. Who the hell could see that coming in a video about greatest chess-players in the world? GM-Hikaru with wrestling-reference. I love wrestling

  13. There was a period when carlsen was undefeated for 120 matches all heads down to this god of chess

  14. If carlsen is fully determined to win and applies all his potential no chess player on the planet can defeat him

  15. Carlsen can be only defeated when he plays for fun

  16. This is laughable in that they claim they don't know much about many of the players but still go rank them and history of chess/revolutionary moves invented counts for almost nothing here. Most of the older GODs will disagree about many names here.

  17. Bobby Fischer, self taught, no coach, no engine, legit genius…..
    Fischer belongs on his own category above all others.

  18. As a chess culture dumb dumb (as well as commenting a question on a 2+ yr old video) I'd like to ask if GM H is a sole representative of US? He mentioned Israel's GM, leading me to ask, is he inferring each country has one active GM solely rep-ing US, and then for how long until you have to compete with community of GMs to secure spot? Yearly? Per game? Number/rank?

  19. Lol, Hikaru knows 100x more chess history than Levy. Half the time Levy was googling and acted like he was thinking of what he was saying lmao.

    Great video but how is Adolf Great but unlucky bc he couldn’t beat the top 2? That has nothing to do with luck. He just wasn’t better. Need another category. “Almost Great” or something.

    And I think Judit over Magnus is a little ridiculous bc how much better Magnus is over the board. She’s a great player but only as high as number 8. Unless you consider off the board stuff more Godly than on the board stuff.

    I’m two years late so I’ll see myself out.

  20. Anand is no inspiration , he looks dead to me 😀 But probably much nicer 😀

  21. Carlsen have done more for Chess than the entire chess players born before him in total; period!

  22. 48:15 now we know where hans got the "chess speaks for itself" quote from.

  23. Totally surprised by Levy’s ignorance of chess history. How does his channel have so many subs?

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