GM Hikaru Destroys Chess Hustler In 49.4 Seconds!

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You won’t believe it even after seeing it!


  1. The first old guy sacrificed his queen for no reason lol

  2. I had that Nxd4 move during the game and was surprised he didn’t play it. Didn’t know it could potentially have such an outcome of the game though.

  3. I learn from this ty for letting us see the board

  4. Thats not a hustler. This guy blows. 1000 Elo max

  5. The first segment… Hikaru pinned the queen like it was nothing! He over matched the guy…

  6. If a white guy said that about the pieces in the beginning. Hold on for your life…. Lol. Love the double standards.

  7. I miss Bobby Fischer in the game. Can you imagine a 11 year old kid stepping up and kicking your GM butt?

  8. What do GM chess players do for work? Do they know how to do anything else?

  9. :34 is some old school street play lol
    1:57 i like e4 much more than a2 personally… pressure against the castle

  10. I like how Hikaru is an elite level pro worth millions of dollars showing love to regular players who enjoy the game. Truly you have to respect him for that.

  11. "That's smart of you, man", when losing the queen.
    He had some style.

  12. This is just ‘speed getting banged in the bum’.

  13. Help me understand (I’m not a chess player). Why is everyone that isn’t that hikaru guy a hustler? Are all of these people actually hustling or is that term just used loosely in the chess community.

  14. This takes place in Boston? Where is this shop? I would like to stop by and lose 4 games

  15. Dude… for real… a pawn up? That's what you had us wait for? ✋️

  16. "Do you see the winning combo for white?" – uh, no… you have graphics covering the entire board… I can't see shit.

  17. Why would they go so fast if they know they’re playing a gm lol


  19. Why is it presumed that he is a hustler? Racist ass channel.

  20. Hikaru is a monster I still can’t break a 1500 rating and I’ve been playing for over a year like a madman

  21. Nakamura what's your rating? Err I don't have one. Nakamura haha feel my power minion

  22. I'm not a fan of chess but i like watching these games and the interactions.

  23. Shout-out to you man. Fast strategic and critical thinking. Just wow!

  24. What's crazy is the guys he played are really really good. That's how gifted this mother f*** is

  25. I have no intellectual knowledge of chess and I know I would of beat the pineapple 🍍 shirt. Jk ur the greatest man keep up the awesome work.

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