GM Hikaru Destroys Chess Hustler In 49.4 Seconds!

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You won’t believe it even after seeing it!


  1. Why are people hustlers and not just chess players. Words make a difference

  2. Do I see the winning combo for white. Lol not at all my guy. If I had a chess rating it would probably be 420

  3. Hiraku vs inigma would be great.. never mind he enigma lost to him😂

  4. At 1:21 why can’t the white piece move the king up or to the right? Wouldn’t that take him out of check?

  5. @0:02 how every match starts in prison in a perfect universe

  6. Anyone who competes at ANYTHING
    If your opponent @1:26

    Talks in your diction and delivery in response, they’re at the very least: fully confident that they’ve won.

  7. I really enjoy watching these! Love to get the insights to the game of chess. Want to definitely get back into playing.

  8. Last move you made at the end was a dope move nice

  9. 1:29 I like how there is a no smoking sign and the dude has a cigarette in his hand 😂

  10. I play more like the second guy; taking my time😂

  11. "Chess Hustler" Who posted this video?!? This guy's hopeless, he isn't a chess husler's shadow!

  12. Title says it's over in 50 secs. Why is the video over 10 mins?

  13. I think if chess were part of schooling, the ability to think ahead for students would greatly increase along with intelligence and confidence.

  14. I bet hikaru could see his defeat in the first 20 seconds

  15. Can someone explain to me what the reminder part means at the bogging of the video. Clock move? Their definition of it is confusing and just bad. Anyone can explain it properly ? Please and thank you

  16. He played at about online 1200 rating blitz strength or 1500 bullet o
    No higher

  17. Can someone explain to me why the first person stopped? If he moves K to F2 he's not in check. If Nakamura brings his pawn to E1 there are two rooks waiting.

  18. Chess noob here, why didn't white put the king in check at 5:05 with A1 to A8? It looks like a simple win but idk 🤷‍♂️

  19. I mean, Don did pretty good against Hikaru, he had a few chances, and at the end even a chance to run out the clock (he tried) 🙂

  20. Man I love chess but wow this guy is something else, I would lose everytine to him probably 😕 😔. I love how in the window it says no smoking 🚭 and the Ole man is smoking 😳

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  22. I find it pretty rude to smoke a cigar when playing against anyone, specially a super GM, you should never do that.

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  24. The little girls giggling the whole time was a bit annoying.

  25. 1:30 seconds in, that might be the most interesting way I’ve ever watched and chess and at the same time watch pieces float around a chess board.. 😂that’ll get your mind moving.

  26. I’m with the mission! Keep the best game alive!

  27. Love Hikaru. Hes soo chill and not awkward. And the black guy hes playing has a great cheery voice and seems very positive. Who is he? Does he have a channel? If you know who he is, can you let him know that he has a new fan?

  28. I don't understand why the guy surrendered in the first game what was the finish? Its hard to learn watching this

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