GM Daniil Dubov gives advices to aspiring chess players, check it now!


  1. Don't know if it's just me but he almost sounds like a nerd

  2. Chess players sitting down so often to play Dubov is like NAH, NO CHAIRS FOR THIS ONE

  3. Daniel Dubov is literally shaped like chess!! He is a chess person, not even a greatest chess legend have this character in his bodily shape!! Dubov the son of chess pantheon

  4. Looks like a kid telling his mom he just threw up

  5. Are he chewing on a rook or have a pawn stuck between his teeth?

  6. His must learn body language public speaking wkw

  7. I think this Guy haha a bright future ahead of him in a teenage boy band.

  8. Daniil eres alguien muy querido en el mundo del ajedrez moderno. Tus partidas son escaleras al cielo… Gracias.

  9. I was searching for funny moments of Daniil Dubov and this popped up 🤣

  10. Все смеются над богом, но когда придёт время играть против него, сразу все будут молчать☠️

  11. "Hey everybody,.my name is still Daniil Dubov"

  12. Bro standing like a create a character 😂

  13. the kid's gone and gone for the good lol his standing pose ahhhh

  14. He is behaving a bit like 'L'🤫😬🧐

  15. Блин, почему же до сих пор зубы не вытянул интересно? Ну прям очень нехорошо, а можно же сделать красивую улыбку, тем более, что он медийная личность

  16. Dubov is easily one of the most interesting intelligent chess player at present.

  17. My advice to him is not to plan a draw with your opponent in a tournament.

  18. That's why chess players are never a good promoters 😂😂

  19. He forgot to say, "Start playing chess when you are six or seven years old".

  20. Mr.dubov may i know what is meaning fide

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