Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue: The Chess Battle For Humanity

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This is the Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue chess match of 1996 and 1997. Before the days of Alpha Zero, Stockfish, Leela… there was IBM’s Deep Blue.

0:00 Intro
0:32 1996 GAME 1
7:02 1996 GAME 2
10:17 1996 GAME 6
14:27 1997 GAME 1
18:57 1997 GAME 2

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  1. Haha Hi, I am watching this video on June 30, 2023 😋🥰

  2. Not yet 2024, but I did enjoy watching you in July 2023. 🙂

  3. Hey, I`m watching in 2023 and I use your video to prepare a training session for my students about chess history. Thank you for your work! 🧡

  4. I think Deep Blue should be revived so people can play it again. (Mike W.)

  5. So, when you said not reckoned to bring queens out early, you said unless Scandinavian defense is being played by you, or a beginner looking for a scholar’s mate. So, you said it’s recommended for that.

  6. That game 2 was the wildest thing ive ever seen

  7. Hey im watching in 2023 and Torch Is something else, Deep Blue sucks

  8. I wish we'd seen Magnus Vs mittens: the battle for humanity 3

  9. if you're one of the best chess players you've wasted your life. i forget who said that but i think its true. i was one of the best at a few games and i spent most of my life developing those skills. none of which however benefited humanity.

  10. Hey, i'm watching in 2023. And i should've gone to bed 15 minutes ago.

  11. it is like seeing magnus carlsen as a 7 year old, you see him and think he is a joke playing chess, what an idiot playing, knowing that is an unfair descriptiom because he is not only a kid, also today magnus would kick your ass with 10 seconds on the clock.

  12. Deep blue vs Smartest Charecters in fiction

  13. DeepBlue team didn’t adjust the program during the game. In 1997 Kasparov accused DeepBlue team of cheating as he underestimated the brute force capability of computer. In Game 6, Kasparov made a mistake by playing 7. …h6, not knowing that 8. Nxe6 was actually good which was not yet analysed by any human so far. The computer played 8. Nxe6 from various available options, and it was just a chance, no human intervention!

  14. 1997 is not really the year the bots become better than human, kasparov just made a few mistakes in that rematch, ill say maybe after 2003 thats when the bots become better than humans cause kasparov is still drawing and winning some games against bots in 2003 like for example against deep junior, which he manage to draw it, by winning one, and drawing 4 games, and just losing 1 game

  15. Kasparov had a legitimate gripe about this match. The programmers added openings to the database during the match, which they were not supposed to do.

  16. watching in sep 23. I was an avid chess player before Deep Blue caused a wave of depression to sweep over the chess community.

  17. Watching in 2023, waiting to see if magnus would beat 1997 deep blue

  18. I play for around 7 months and its funny that i tried many openings with both black and white, but i found the gründfeld defence, now i play, reverse with white, and normal with black

  19. Consumer 2023 Stockfish would beat Deep Blue, right?

  20. watching in 2023 – Love these old 30 min videos talking about revolutionizing points in the world of chess.

  21. Nov 2023 Here! Its crazy to think StockFish was not a thing yet, and now it has taken over, simultaneously, it looks like Torch will take over soon

  22. watching in 2023.. not quite 2024 but its November so.. you weren't far off with that notion at the end buddy 🙂 <3

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