Garry Kasparov : The Chess Player

Garry Kasparov

The youngest world chess champion in history at 22 in 1985, Kasparov remained the top-rated player in the world for 20 years, until his retirement in 2005. He then became a leader of the Russian pro-democracy movement against Vladimir Putin and is currently the chairman of the NY-based Human Rights Foundation. The Kasparov Chess Foundation promotes chess in education around the world with centers in the US, Europe, and Africa with more soon to come. Kasparov speaks and writes frequently on technology, decision-making, and risk. His book, “How Life Imitates Chess,” has been published in more than 20 languages.


  1. Interesting man. But that silly conspiracy at the end was way off. Fabricated history? Bible written in russian? That is so silly and just not factual.

  2. Kasparov's father most likely got sick from his work as a power engineer which exposed him to toxins and possibly electromagnetic radiation. Also, Azerbaijan has a huge oil industry. Kasparov developed certain health problems as a child from them, I believe, and they may have also contributed to his father's bad health condition.

  3. Against Putin????? That's the only game that you can't win….

  4. Now I know why I'm not a GM. I cannot do 102 push ups

  5. 17:01 I wish I had a friend/girlfriend pretty like her who plays chess

  6. 47 minutes to evidence his brilliance, then two minutes to destroy it all with the evidence of his superstitious delusions. That's too bad.

  7. I'm afraid a documentary that starts with saying Gary kasparov is the greatest chess player of all time tells me that its no good. I'm a kasparov fan but you can't say a world champion of one age is better than one of another for definite.

  8. Kasparov is NOT the "Greatest" Chess Player of all time.

    The best and Greatest of all time….is Paul Morphy !!!

  9. 4:19 First time I heard that Nigel Short was world champion.

  10. Quite a clever man, Gary Kasparov.

  11. Just to be accurate, Nigel Short has never been world champion.

  12. Gary is like Chadzz Michael Michaels in Blades of Glory. As Chazz IS figure skating, Gary IS chess!

  13. Brilliant chess player. Arrogant historian LOL

  14. I wonder how a match between Fischer at his best and Kasparov at his best would turn out. Would have been interesting to watch.

  15. Kasparov and Fischer are like machines…

  16. 44:44 Ancient History was fabricated in the 17th Century? Wowzers. Chess seems to drive men insane; it’s no wonder the game has all but disappeared.

  17. Гарри Каспаров очень красивый 😍

  18. el más grande! el mejor del mundo!! Kasparov forever!!

  19. I've been playing chess online for many years, but I've never heard of Club Kasparov. It must not have taken off like they planned.

  20. Garry knows chess but does not understand history and humanities subjects that well.

  21. Almost all great chess players have an extraordinary memory. Contrary to what many people think, memory in chess is key.

  22. So let me get this straight. Instead of calling the fanciest hotel in the country and asking them to host the international chess championships for free, because their going to say yes. To have it in a high school gym is downright insulting. Its like whoever put this event together had no ambition at all, like negative ambition. Its like you've got free concert from Elton John and you decide to just have it in your back yard. Gary should have walked in spit on the floor and then walked out.

  23. really entertaining, and informative, thanks for uploading

  24. Garry Kasparov was world champion when I first learned the game of chess.
    I was 14 years old when I got introduced to the game.
    I've been playing for close to 30 years now, still know my chances of ever winning against Garry Kasparov is None.
    It would be equivalent to a white belt fighting an 8th degree black belt

  25. I have no doubts about Harry's abilities. But I see how this film was made in a hurry. Short – was never a world champion, but here he is listed as such. There were only 12 world champions before Kasparov – how can you not find out who they are before writing something like that?

  26. Nigel Short is a world chess candidates champion contender not a world chess champion 🏆

  27. Why does it say,"Nigel Short Former World Champion"? He never was.

  28. Fascinating documentary, just so strange. The music, the woman with the ridiculous Kasparov art pieces, Kasparov wine, the chronological conspiracy theory…

  29. 40 years old?! He looked at least 50 in this video

  30. When was Nigel Short ever the World Champion?!

  31. Kasparov is a genius chess player but he should leave politics alone. Like many who grew up in the Soviet Union, he idealized the west. He can’t seem to see how evil and corrupt the west has become over the last fifty years or so. I can understand his dislike for the Soviet Union but such an intelligent man should be able to see the world more clearly.

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  33. When did Nigel become the World Champion? And for how long ?

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