Garry Kasparov: Magnus Carlsen is a Lethal Combination of Fischer and Karpov | Lex Fridman Podcast

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Garry Kasparov is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time. From 1986 until his retirement in 2005, he dominated the chess world, ranking world number 1 for most of those 19 years. While he has many historic matches against human chess players, in the long arc of history he may be remembered for his match again a machine, IBM’s Deep Blue. His initial victories and eventual loss to Deep Blue captivated the imagination of the world of what role Artificial Intelligence systems may play in our civilization’s future. That excitement inspired an entire generation of AI researchers, including myself, to get into the field. Garry is also a pro-democracy political thinker and leader, a fearless human-rights activist, and author of several books including How Life Imitates Chess which is a book on strategy and decision-making, Winter Is Coming which is a book articulating his opposition to the Putin regime, and Deep Thinking which is a book the role of both artificial intelligence and human intelligence in defining our future.

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  1. Its so hard to watch them speak english, i wish they would switch to russian, this whole podcast and this question would give so much more information

  2. Garry has a weirdly shaped beard. Jus saying

  3. everyone old enough knows that Fischer was the greatest of all time and I mean no disrespect about Magnus or Kasparov but he was the best human to reach a peak never equaled since in chess. the old gm's said it, many proof's of that he was in a league of his own… look at the record's he did in candidate matches… the perfect us open victory…. the 125 ratings points ahead of WORLD #2…. 2785 of ratings in 1972 in a world of 2500's with like 3-4 2600's …. the game of the century and the list goes on and on…. the reason why theses records aren't equalled or beat is because they are damn hard to do etc he's victory margin in tournament was wider than Carlsen… I know the game evolved with computers analysis but kids today forget that aspect of inflations would have helped Fischer too…. think about it for 2 secs.. the guy was LIVING CHESS all all the time 24/7… imagine what he would have done / learned with a Stockfish/Rybka on his side !!!…. he may never had played a human again just train with the computer being so stuborn trying to beat it etc …..

    Fischer was the greatest of all time there is no debate, Magnus is a modern version of Karpov and Karpov would have lost vs Fischer because the greatest offense > the greatest defense… you can't compare different era apple to apple because of the computers learning paths etc but raw talent is raw talent guys… Why Kasparov is saying here Fischer is the greatest of all time by a wide margin compared to his peer's ? why magnus said his dream opponents would be a Fischer from 70-72…. it's because he was the best, the best ever period.

  4. Magnus ♟️ Carlsen is the greatest chess player since the Big Bang and until the end of time

  5. Fischer in his prime would have beaten Kasparov in his prime.

  6. In 1972 without computers nor databases and the strongest version of each:
    1. Fischer 2. Carlsen 3. Kasparov.
    With 1989 all the way to 2020 tech with proper motivation, I guess Fischer beats anything but the thing with him is that all motivation was lost after 1972. The best Kasparov vs the best Magnus both with 2020 tech would be like the best Karpov vs best Kasparov. Unpredictable with a little edge for Kasparov.

  7. A 1989 Kasparov with 1 year of modern prep vs Magnus… That would be legendary.

  8. I wish he hadn't included that part at the end. His 2851 is nowhere near MC's 2882. It's honestly not even comparable. His own theory works against him here. Inflation doesn't work like that in an Elo system.

  9. If you study Magnus's games you can say he plays like Kramnik as a positional player, but he is strongest in the endgame like that of Botvinnik.

  10. Garry may like marodana but his speaking is like cristano ronaldo 😀

  11. I wonder how many calories spent during this interview.

  12. Kasparov undoubtedly one of the greatest, he dominated chess world for so long. Magnus is so solid and seems unbeatable today, Kasparov describe him so precisely as a lethal combination of Fischer and Karpov, and he dominate today’s chess world maybe for many years to come, he is one of the greatest for sure.

    In terms of dynamic chess games that enjoyable to watch, there are some great past players like Tal, Nezhmetdinov, Ivanchuk etc

    In short, those great players are extraordinary but maybe Fischer, Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen are on the league of their own in terms of their domination

  13. And now we have Putin, not Garry Kasparov. What a robbery. How great mother Russia could have been, but for murderers, thieves and posers.

  14. You just have to like Garry Kasparov ! 🙂

  15. When you think Karpov was almost as good as Kasparov and also was the winner or 160 plus chess tournaments and we know how good Fischer was even though for a short time Garry's comment is an incredible compliment to Magnus!

  16. And Capablanca in the way he seeks out simple positions, positional chess and endgame brilliance

  17. Goddamnit just answer the simple fucking question! Stop skirting around it

  18. Fischer had no support from anyone. He was entirely self taught. And even today he is the only American to have even been world champion.
    By contrast, Gary had the support of his entire government and country. He would not have achieved anywhere near as much without all that behind him. I still admire his badassery in the chess world, but Fischer was was fighting against the whole world alone. That is why he is the greatest.

  19. I love that Kasparov takes a historic look at the question. All of these "ranking" questions seem to be more descriptive of those being asked than those being ranked.

  20. Or for 7 hours and 45 min crushing the stone for a druppel water (~game 6 in 2021 world championship). Mr. Kasparov was 100% right in 2019.

  21. Garry gives lectures like he is explaining moves on the boards

    His hands just never settle

  22. He not had a problem in mentioning who was his enemy and great rival Karpov as part of Carlsen's style. That honors him.

  23. That point at the end about ratings is so true… When he is 2850 and there is only one other player within 150pts, it's nigh impossible to gain rating. Just look at how fast Firouja climbed through 2700 this past year! It's madness now.
    But Sven Magnus seems to be the only one with staying power and his end game is absolutely brilliant. Other players check Stockfish for move ideas; Stockfish checks Magnus

  24. What are his opinions on messi now that he got a copa america. 7 ballon dor and 6 golden boots

  25. Garry doesn't speak about other chess players with respect he speaks about them with awe…he knows what it takes to "be there, do that, and get the t-shirt" such a humble man…

  26. I think Magnus lacks a rival to reach his maximum potential. He defeats his peers too easily and doesn't have the type of competition Kasparov had in Karpov and Kramnik to stimulate him and elevate his game. For instance, in tennis we had the three greatest players of all time basically playing at the same time, which cannot be a coincidence. Talent needs competition to thrive and Magnus needs Alireza to be his Karpov to reach GOAT status.

  27. I think the physical condition top chess players must have is highly underrated!

  28. Garry’s command of English is incredible. He’s much more articulate than your average native speaker, myself included.

  29. Never has this been more relevant a point than after Game 6 of the world championship.

  30. Interesting how the great Garry's bracket of football GOAT is " Pele, Maradona or Messi". No one else🥂

  31. It’s like the Jordan Vs Kobe discussion of chess

  32. is it just me or this interviewer looks like Max Verstappen ?

  33. Well said by Garry Kasparov. You can only compare champions against their contemporaries. Certainly, Magnus is a great champion, as compared to his contemporaries.

  34. It’s no surprise, one of the greatest minds ever would talk so much sense!

  35. It's not really fair to compare players of the past and present. The only past baseball player that really stands out to most people is Babe Ruth, who hit baseballs harder than any other guy who has played the game. The only modern player who comes close was Sammy Sosa on steroids. The knowledge of the game hasn't changed much, it's just physical prowess and Ruth had it. In chess knowledge means a lot, and it accumulates.

  36. Thats why the top should be:
    1. Kasparov
    2. Magnus
    3. Fischer
    Although Magnus could change this if his elo reaches de 2900 and keeps his world title another 10 years.

  37. Kasparov talikng so wise rational and objectively true but somehow makes clear that he 's best hahaha

  38. I reckon I'm the best I've never been beaten.

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