For 10 years he has proven he is clearly the best chess player in the world – Peter Heine Nielsen

GM Peter Heine Nielsen is undoubtedly the most successful chess coach in the history of the sport. He has worked with both Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen in their journey towards the World Championship and its subsequent defences. The Danish certainly has an impeccable understanding of the sport. He answers the perennial question about Magnus’ decision on not defending his World title, his first visit to Chennai, the last time he was in India, his thoughts on Olympiad for the first time allowing spectators, chess becoming a spectator sport, his run in the FIDE Elections for Andrii Baryshpolets’ Deputy and more.

Video: Shahid Ahmed

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  1. I agree with Peter Nielsen's sentiments about the ethical dilemma of having Dvorkovich as the FIDE president, and especially having Vishy linked to him.

  2. Should have asked about Anish's performance in the Olympiad 🌝

  3. Plz let drop this topic, Magnus has stepped down, he is the best & will always be!! Stop bothering him & his Team with such questions 😕

  4. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    PHN and Andrii lost in fide elections. Anyone really surprised?

  5. Carlsen now wants to be a professional poker player!!

  6. Isn't he the same guy who ditched anand in his wc math and revealed all his prep to carlsen? Why promote such people?

  7. Though I don’t like this guy for the fact he left vishy in 2013 and stayed neutral for that year and joined the magnus in 2014 after vishy lost 2013 was a bit silly . .. I agree with him for the fact not sure why would vishy not try president post ! Vishy was too big for deputy and he would have been elected convincingly if he really stood for FIDE president post . It’s vishy choice end of the day . Respect

  8. With due respect, Twitter pe to bahut haankte rehta hai ye.

  9. Great job Shahid Ahmed! PHN seemed very comfortable in the interview. Not an easy thing to pull off 🙂

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