Firouzja Breaks Record: Youngest 2800 Chess Player in History!

While there are currently over a thousand grandmasters in the world, only 14 players in history had crossed the 2800-rating barrier. GM Alireza Firouzja is the most recent addition to the 2800-club after scoring a sensational 8/9 at the European Team Championship.

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  1. Bravo firouzja🇮🇷🇮🇷💚🤍❤

  2. He only started playing chess at 9 years old. Amazing

  3. The thumbnail designer deserves a raise…

  4. علیرضا منتظر اول شدنت هستیم.

  5. Winning via flagging in TT has nothing to do with him reaching 2800 , what's the point of this video ?

  6. Great video but he reached 2803 in classical and you showed mostly bullet but it was still nice.

  7. beware, dreaming candidates… the Flash of Babol is on his way.

  8. The French are a very successful country let’s face it.

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