Final Round in England. Lock in.

I have 5/8. The possibility of a great tournament can b achieved with this final game. I have black against an IM.


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  1. The final rounds are always toucher, sometimes it can help to take a bye

  2. Opponent's move Bg5 is a chance for you to play the cambridge springs semi slav, after Bg5 Nbd7 e3 and Qa5

  3. I generally cannot sleep on the night just before the tournaments even if I go to bed early 😀

  4. I hope you enjoyed your first tournament in England.

    Interesting to end up in a main line Semi-Slav without theory and still get a decent position later on vs an IM. 2…e6 is obviously fine to go for a Triangle System, but I guess it did not fit with your line against the London.

  5. watching this very dangerous man playing chess after school

  6. Quick tip here in the opening: if you have nothing prepared against this either play with Nd7 and Be7 or Cambridge springs 🙂

  7. Hope u improve your opening when facing d4, I think it's not gud to play this structure

  8. 1 minute ago this video is gonna be good

  9. You tournament helping us to learning something

  10. one day the day i play like gm the gm vs gm one gm loses and my faher mother grand son wins😅😊wasted😂

  11. I just discovered these are the perfect videos to watch while I'm eating

  12. I like that you analyse the game with us zach❤❤❤

  13. of course prioritize sleep, the chances of finding a winning prep bomb are so slight, that you might as well take the massive cognitive enhancement of the extra sleep. Plus, you should do all the hard work in prepping your openings before the tournament, a few hours right before a game shouldn't even be a big help!

  14. Time zone works different here still love it whenever he uploads

  15. You are doing so well. I hope you enjoyed the UK and come back soon. I am in London.

  16. If I ever manage to become a titled player, I'll surely reach out to you to give me an opportunity to commentate on your games 😁🔥👍🏻

  17. Wish you good luck for your next tournament, I really enjoy following your journey <3

  18. “Of course, analysis can sometimes give more accurate results than intuition but usually it’s just a lot of work. I normally do what my intuition tells me to do. Most of the time spent thinking is just to double-check.”
    – Magnus Carlsen

  19. 7:21 Zach i have a question instead of going pawn e5 can we go queen h6

  20. i am curious i recently started to follow your channel and want to ask
    hiw many tournament did you actually played and how many total win did it took to reach 2000

  21. Tough tournament the way the matching played out. Still a positive though. Onward to the land of Ice and Fire!

  22. At the end of the day, you are 2010 now 🙂

  23. Sleep is a great priority. Maybe, sometimes you can nap seriously in the afternoon and still prep late in the evening. But not with two games per day, obviously.

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