Fastest player to checkmate with Knight & Bishop #chess #shorts

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  1. I don’t even know how to do it yet it’s very rare too

  2. Eyy why does this seem like a Joe rogan interview?

  3. I find queen vs rook much more harder than bishop & knight.

  4. I make draw until his time over. You know nobody in 800 elo has an idea mate with bishop and knight

  5. If you know W maneuver you only need a few seconds once you get the set up in the corner. It's getting the king on the starting square that takes the time!

  6. If you don't know chess terms this videos would become… interesting

  7. I don’t even know how to checkmate with bishop and night 😅

  8. 10 sec with NO INCREMENT. This is like card tricks. You have to practice, and when you have it in your bones, you're on autopilot. Incredible.

  9. My biggest fear is having that position on the board in a tournament 😭😭

  10. Ese no es el amigo de Pepe Cuenca o estoy mal?

  11. Had never guessed that.. my money was on tang..

  12. "How does anyone get this good?" -Rick Sanchez

  13. I learned it in 40 secounds otb with a completely wacky technique against an im. Its way harder when the opponents actually tries to make it more difficult than when they play natural moves. Against a gm it would be very difficult under 1 minute. Other than knowing small tricks to make it more difficult theres no difference between magnus and an 800 when up knight + bishop.

  14. i can barely do it in a minute lol

  15. If you give me a day… I won't be able to do it

  16. Lawrence had his head bashed in recently and maybe it scrambled his brain to brilliance

  17. I do it in 7-8 seconds consistently, drilled it against the engine

  18. I saw Rory Quinn (Irish FM) do it in a blitz game one evening with only a few seconds on the clock. Very impressive

  19. Chris Yoo can do this in 9 seconds no increment 🥱

  20. Ages ago I was in a chess club that had a terrible player who could have you put a B & N & K on the board on any square you chose and he would have you mated in about a dozen or so moves. He couldn't win a game to save his life but he could do this.

  21. I was expecting tang or danya, but dang thats impressive!

  22. Just tried against Stockfish 8 on lichess. Gave him one minute (can't start lower from position) and he mated me with 42 seconds left. So he took 18 but he didn't know it was a race…

  23. Why are people saying „It‘s not that hard“? Even Stockfish at the highest level needs about 2 or 3 minutes to figure out a mating sequence for this. If Stockfish has trouble with it, I‘d say it‘s pretty difficult…

  24. Over the Board tapping the clock? …. Or on a computer with the mouse?

  25. Lawrence Trent out there practicing his bishop and knight endgame like his elo depends on it

  26. I generally can do it in 30 seconds with the 3 triangle trick. Would be hard to do faster without rote memorization

  27. with a knight and a bishop against a king I would offera draw.

  28. they kind of did it with marukis lab and the tapes. actually that would have been a great idea. i loved how morally gray maruki was, and i kinda wish more antagonists would be that way.

  29. I could stalemate consistently accidentally in 10 seconds

  30. Hikaru : Here here takes takes there there .

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