Famous Chess Game: Kasparov vs Topalov 1999 (Kasparov’s Immortal)

In what is arguably the greatest chess match ever played, Kasparov shows why he is considered to be the best chess player of all time in his “Immortal” game. There are so many amazing moves I lost count. Hopefully you learn as much from the game as I did studying it.

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  1. Sound is horible. Why dont u clean it up and reupload!?!?

  2. Very good job at teaching this game. Thank you Sir.

  3. "but then topalov realised that he is playing kasparov and kasparov has a Queen, he resigned" 🤣🤣

  4. Wow! Great moves.. but it’s a battle for two great players of this level..

  5. I'm new to chess and I'm still struggling with all the rules so…. at 16:04, why doesn't white move the Queen to c7? Technically, the King would have no place to go because he can't move back to b7 or b8 because the Queen would capture him. Wouldn't that be checkmate because he's boxed in? Argggg, this is hopeless!!!

  6. can you keep your talking to the minimal? why the hell do you have to talk so much?

  7. What are black rook doing?? I can't called it an immortal game

  8. I am a better chess player, and human being, since watching this game…

  9. Time stamp: 20 min 56 sec, when Kasparov captured knight on f6, Topalov could have pushed Rd1 giving check and only move for white king is b2, after which black queen to b3 would have given victory to Topalov..

  10. wow there's so many adult here 😤

    all the comments are from 7-8 years ago

  11. Wow, what an exciting game. Thank you for this great commentary. It is simply epic.

  12. stupid game.. he should have used his queen to eat the rook… it was over at – 6 min mark

  13. Amazing game. Great commentary. Thank for the video!

  14. Why the fck are u talking this much

  15. Kasparov once tried running for president of russia and I am sure he would do much better than pootin

  16. 20:15 if I were black I would use my queen to threaten white queen, move it to d2 for example

  17. 9:54 why didn’t black move his queen to F8? It would prevent the queen aggression from white

  18. Lol, he works for a big company, but spends all his time traveling. .

  19. Black wins if bishop take d5 instead of queen taking d5

  20. Who's here at 2022. Ey thanks so much I learnt aloot from here

  21. I can't understand chess
    i can understand AK4 . That's my weapon long times ago.

  22. But chess computers today are strong!

  23. Thanks for having this channel. I don't play many chess matches, as there are not many people around me that knows how to play. Only one person from my work that likes to "talk trash". I would say he's a beginner. He hasn't beatin me yet. I usually play against a computer.

  24. I haven't the slightest clue of wtf this man is talking about but I'm enjoying it.

  25. I don’t see why Topolov needed to resign in the last position. I can think of a couple scenarios in which he could’ve promoted his pawn and gotten at least a draw

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