Explained: The Biggest Cheating Scandal in Chess History

This video explains the biggest cheating scandal in chess history. This Magnus Carlsen/Hans Niemann, chess cheating scandal has rocked the chess world and wild theories, from sex toys (anal beads), to leaked prep have emerged. There are big names involved, such as Hikaru Nakamura and Danny Rensch of Chess.com and people want things explained. What really happened in the Sinquefield Cup Round 3, in St. Louis, and what next for chess following the biggest chess cheating scandal of all time!?

Hans Niemann’s Round 5 (Sinquefield Cup) interview:

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  1. The known fact that Niemann •ever• cheated in a chess competition should render him permanently ineligible for professional play. Pretty irrelevant though, as machine intelligence plays the game so much better.

  2. How can someone cheat in chess?? That's just preposterous 😂😂

  3. Live face to face, there is no cheating. Hans won and everybody saw it.

  4. Hans didn t cheat on over the board games. How should he be able do such a thing?

  5. This explains why Morinho did not pursue a career in chess

  6. If I had chess anal beeds, I would probably just moan the whole game lol

  7. The world champion is just a sore looser. No evidence of cheating.

  8. Even Bobby Fischer made moves that no one saw before
    Give that kid the respect he deserves

  9. The narrator seems to imply that there is no evidence of cheating on Niemann's part, and in doing so confuses "evidence" with "damning evidence", "conclusive evidence" or "proof". Niemann's history, along with beating a player so more highly ranked than him while playing the black pieces, IS evidence.

  10. imagine connecting to bluetooth during this match and you just see anal beads in the list

  11. That guy has the look of someone who's up to no good? Anybody else know what I mean? It's in the eyes.

  12. Charlie Puth's career started with Auto-Tune, but he soon switched to chess and reckoned Elon's Hyperloop Anal Beads were his path to victory.

  13. Maybe someone just couldn’t accept losing

  14. Hans looks like the kind of guy that uses anal beads recreationally so that theory is gonna be hard to prove…

  15. Hans looks sneaky. Magnus withdrew because he knew if he was cheated once, he might get cheated again.

  16. lmao crazy how a sport that supposedly has the highest collection of IQ allows mob mentality to happen and accuse someone of cheating with 0 evidence. Clowns

  17. autistic kid got beat in a generation where they didn’t keep score as kids. case closed. learn to lose better, genius

  18. Someone who is a great chess player but at a 2500 level, doesn’t just become Bobby Fischer over night. Something is up.

  19. I think Magnus has also cheated thats why he played one move against Niemann and left.

  20. Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad says:

    Waiting for Magnus' comments?
    This is, I think as a layperson, what's known as hearsay in a court of law. It's he-said, she-said, and it's not how truth is determined

  21. what is the evidence of cheating "?????the things ..magnus is unbeatable or not? thats beacause niemann is rank 40…..and magnus is rank 1….niemann cheating…where is your evidence please?

  22. where your evidence of niemann cheating???????????????

  23. nieman not oncew but twice he beat magnus

  24. Bruh, there's plenty of evidence, check hikaru's channel. He's played many many computer level 100% accurate games over the board that no human could possibly play.

  25. That cry baby lost and is crying about its just that simple. Pathetic emotionally fragile adult.

  26. The guilt is killing me. I have to come clean: It was I with the remote-control device operating the vibrating anal beads from a distance. But a little twist: It was Magnus with the beads up his bum, not Hans. He was really pissed at me because I turned them up to max. vibrate the whole time the game was on, and that distracted him, which is why he lost (by a lot).

  27. Niemann has a 45 move game that the engine rated at 100%. That means every move was the best move he could’ve made. Bobby Fisher never scored above 72 in any game he played.

  28. Much like when a drunk driver tells a police officer he only had one beer. The fact that hair Mc Puff over here admitted to cheating only twice.

  29. "There is no concrete evidence he has cheated"
    … Dude, maybe the 100% similarity rate with AI? LOL

  30. I'm not gonna take a side. I'm just gonna say that I'm a little surprised that the 15 minute delay wasn't implemented sooner. That's a pretty standard anti-cheating method used in live events where outside knowledge could be gotten from either watching the broadcast or from someone else who is watching the broadcast. Had that already been implemented, that would pretty much destroy most theories of cheating.

  31. What if Hans legitimately won and Magnus simply withdrew because it was an enormous blow to his ego? After all, child prodigies who become self-conscious of world fame at an early age often develop a great fragility of their self-image. To have lost to a mere upstart would have been quite troubling to him, and the temptation to save face over any further defeats would likely have been great.

  32. I'm sure many of you know of the cheating scandal in the poker world with Mike Postle — although that one has been confirmed as cheating. The difference is that very strict measures are taken in chess so it's a lot harder to get away with it, while in poker you could be getting the info you need via your smartphone.

  33. His face tells it all. He has filled his rectum with objects that should't be there. That is exactly the same face that people make when they want to fart but they know it'd end up In wet shitty disaster.

  34. Magnus just could not take it being beaten by 19y/o Hans.
    Simple as that. He had no face to be shown after that defeat and just acted.

  35. "twice when i was 12 years old and once when i was 16".

    Spoken like a true liar. Cheaters and liers are often very specific like this because it sounds good. I bet anyone a million dollars that he cheated.

  36. he was sitting infront of Magnus playing rapid how would he cheat! that's very dumb accusations

  37. Draw against Firouzja that next game, I mean, he is a top player for sure, seems like there is something up

  38. Hans just looks like a cheater. He gives off cheater and weasel vibes. He has one of those faces.

  39. Carlson has no backbone and go full RRREEEEEE on this lost

  40. how do you cheat in chess? it's not like you can't see their exact move. I don't play chess and don't even know how so I'm genuinely asking. if he were using anal beads, how would that have helped him?

  41. As a person with nearly zero experience playing chess, I’m still waiting to hear someone explain how a person cheats at chess to beat one of the best chess players in history.

    I understand how a person could cheat to beat middle-of-the-road opponents, but the dominant #1 player?

    What would that take? Having an associate mirroring the board with an AI program set to Unbeatable Mode and feeding the moves to the player? Is that even realistic?

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