Explained: The Biggest Cheating Scandal in Chess History

This video explains the biggest cheating scandal in chess history. This Magnus Carlsen/Hans Niemann, chess cheating scandal has rocked the chess world and wild theories, from sex toys (anal beads), to leaked prep have emerged. There are big names involved, such as Hikaru Nakamura and Danny Rensch of Chess.com and people want things explained. What really happened in the Sinquefield Cup Round 3, in St. Louis, and what next for chess following the biggest chess cheating scandal of all time!?

Hans Niemann’s Round 5 (Sinquefield Cup) interview:

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  1. The only evidence I've seen is this "We think he used an engine." But no proof of it. Okay, so lets put Hans and Magnus in a room with no electronics after a strip search if need be and let them duke it out. If Hans isn't a cheater his play will show it.

  2. I think everyone is just salty the "undefeatable" champions that made many millions has now suddenly been defeated.

  3. Magnus Carlsen lost so he acused the Niemann thats all

  4. Hikaru DramaQueen Nakamura, he only cares about the views and money, and it is well known that he never liked Hans even before this scandal, he is the least objective person here for sure. Unfortunately the herd always follow the leader's bell instead of checking if there is clear evidence behind the accusations. All I see are theoretical accusations nothing more, once they provide clear evidence, then I will say Hans cheated, until then Magnus is just a sore loser, whose ego would not even fit into a stadium. If he was so sure Hans cheated, he should have immediately call the arbiters to do search on him.

  5. Hanns cheated! 45 move game with 100% accuracy. That's impossible.

  6. All people get old and their brains turn to mush. When the do they make mistakes they would otherwise not make. They either get old gracefully, or they throw tantrums as they cling to past glorry…

  7. Magnus obviously made a mistake and lost one bishop, which could have been prevented. So if he makes a mistake, it means that the other player cheated? LMAO n😂😂

  8. anal beads? what a lot of bull.. you can never cheat across the board play unless there are microchips planted in your brain, or if you're a robot like human. someone is just a sore loser.

  9. You know what they say ; Once a cheater ,always a cheater ;

  10. I still wonder why everyone is on Hans’s side here. It is true — Magnus can’t prove that he cheated, and there have been wild speculations about how he could have cheated. While it seems absurd, it’s still possible. And the fact that Hans cheated in online chess over a 100 times is not to be discarded.

  11. For those wondering about the anal beads it would be for morse code. That's how you cheat in chess.

  12. So, quick question. Is it a rule that in order to be a chess champ, you can’t comb your hair? And second, this seems pretty cut and dry. Some whiny bitch messed up and lost to someone he wasn’t “supposed to.” Instead of taking it like a man, the little bitch cried and claimed cheating. Investigation ensues. No cheating found. Everyone involved has made a statement, except the coward who can’t take losing. I’m not saying magnus should be done and degraded. But what he needs to do is come out and apologize for making accusations that can ruin a young kids life. So that everyone can move past this. But he won’t. That dick doesn’t have it in him to apologize. He still can’t believe he lost

  13. Magnus got best and can’t handle it. He’s a baby.

  14. Hans so unlucky 🙁 Got caught both time he cheated, I mean who get caught every time? Unlucky guy…:( But super lucky that this rare move came up on his screen during the morning prep 🙂 So he could counter the best chess player of all time 🙂 Unlucky tho that he became subpar for the rest of the tournament 🙁 Weird world we live in

  15. I’ve never liked Carlson, he gives off school shooter vibes.

  16. Hans is suing Magnus…
    Very clever of Hans…lol!!! A big comparison is probably already safe for him and the childish behavior of Naka and MC should simply be punished. Both have enough coal, but I hope it hurts them a bit! Hats off to Hans (in luck) :))

  17. Honestly looking at the moves I feel like it's legit, the moves are natural, magnus just didnt account for his pawn being on the diagonal connected to his queen after a bishop capture queen exchange.

    Magus has been known to get extremely agitated when he makes even minor mistakes in games he wins anyways, so it doesn't surprise me to see him act like a petulant child on a loss. Making cheating allegations without proof.

    Magnus knows how to win, but he is certainly inexperienced in losing. Finding fault in all but himself.

  18. So he cheated by putting the anal beads into Carlson's drink? He was in turn distracted by a game of chess.

  19. He’s so willing to win he would use anal beads.

  20. With no physical evidence, this video is the typical Trial By Gossip so favored by YT fans everywhere. It's all theories, and no proof that Magnus is anything but a sore loser. If evidence should be found, well that's a different story. But right now this video is floating on one thing — unsubstantiated gossip – the most powerful force in American politics and media today. Guilty till proven innocent, eh my friends? We're so familiar with that one, right?

  21. never get an advantage on people with more power that you.. they will ALWAYS destroy you to make themselves greater
    "chess" will ALWAYS protect it's most profitable player..

  22. Don't play online tourneys. Just like online poker people will cheat. ✌

  23. How does someone cheat in chess? It's like pulling a muscle at the game table!

  24. With a slight vibrato in his voice:
    "Chess speaks for itself.".

  25. ok for a non-chess player: how do you cheat at an on-board chess game??? 🙈🙈

  26. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess the "anal beads" theory originated on reddit. Just a hunch.

  27. Magnus the crybaby! Such a narcissist can’t handle someone is better than him!! Zero evidence pathetic

  28. There are methods of communicating with humans that need no implanted "objects" or infrastructure. These need thorough investigation, since relaying moves from a computer chess programme to a human in 2022 is very real.

  29. Naaa magnus is just sore when he loses lol

  30. I think Hans has cheated before, but I actually think he may have won the game fair.

    Magnus was being a sore loser. Either that or Hans is.. just sore. 😳

  31. a billion dollar valuation and all the resources in the world….and you cannot catch him even if he is cheating?…i thought people in chess are smart.

  32. I’m just starting the video but I don’t understand how you can cheat in chess lol

  33. suing people for calling them things they used to be, shouldn't be legal at all, their reputation speaks higher, if they were cheaters before, they gotta live and accept the fact that eventually they'll be called cheaters at some point

    that's as crazy as not being afraid to be next to someone that commited countless murders, and then if a murder happened be shocked that that murderer is the one accused for it "but i'm not a murderer anymore"

    same for liars, and rapists and you name it, it's reputation knocking on the door, easy thing to do is, don't build that kind of reputation, because if you do, better be ready to live with the consequences

    hans suing him for this, is just laughable, "staining his career" when he did it to himself in the first place already

  34. I guess he wasn't a good cheater because he finished the Sinquefield Cup # 6 out of 9 with only one other win, and some goose eggs.

  35. Remember when chess was just chess nothing more

  36. Hans is a cheater, you don’t just happen to have a 100% match with the computer out of 45 moves. The chess site also could tell Hans had more windows open on his computer while he was playing which was against the rules.

  37. Caught cheating twice be4….. is 200 points lower…. looks like a duck, walks like a duck….

  38. I think that Hans has the kind of face that pisses people off and that plays a role in people jumping to conclusions.

  39. theyll find the solution only once they check the guys ass lmao

  40. So this video lacks of clarity whether Niemann played on the same level or not after they introduced the 15 minutes lag. Where's his next game review?

  41. Can't see how a chess player can cheat on the board, especially if there is no electronic device in person, and their mid-game egress from the table is monitored. One way is to have some form of 'neuraline' insertion, with an outsider communicating the moves from alphazero or related software package. But these days, if ever, are still in the future.

  42. the whole time he was communicating with a vibrating buttplug , hope the the plug was kosher tho hes a jew after all

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