Explained: How to Cheat at Chess

This video explains how a player could possibly cheat at chess if they were inclined to do so. Of course I don’t support this, but in the wake of the Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann chess cheating scandal, there a lot of people wondering how Niemann could have even cheated. From anal beads to prep leak, there are many theories, this video considers them and explains how cheating in chess could work.

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  1. If Magnus thinks he's cheating ,
    That only means he himself has been cheating all along ,
    He's probably thinking " no one can beat my Engine Machine so how could I lose? "

    You can't Claim someone cheating without Evidence.

  2. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Last time Hans was caught cheating was 2 years ago, so this is not even a fucking surprise he is being called out by chess god, when crushing him twice =)

  3. Question from an outside chess spectator; is it possible Niemann just had a great game and played out of his mind for that one time? Or is this type of thing so uncommon that he must have cheated? Thanks

  4. Or Magnus' game is weakening as stronger scanning for cheating prevention is employed. Maybe the argument could be turned on it's head

  5. no clearer of how it actually happens FFS

  6. maybe the world champion magnus is cheating…. fuck my cheat mode is down no signal today…. im going to quit now and blame the young chap of cheating instead

  7. So far I have not gotten one specific example of how someone actually cheated e.g. that some had a small receiver in his ear and someone watched the game and relayed moves etc etc. I cannot see how anyone can suspect someone of cheating, but does not offer ONE possible way he has done it. Has someone ever been caught cheating and if so, what method was used. I am not referring to online tournaments, but regular tournaments. Face to face.

  8. Nothing new here, title not justified by content.

  9. Im not a magnus fan, carlsen game not as great as kasparov. Mostly his game simplifying and winning in endgame. But hans body language was very strange, he seemed not even thinking and he found
    100% strike accuracy in 45 moves . 80% hans game indicate him 2500+ but about 20% seem 3880 fish perfornance lol …. Definitely a smart cheater

  10. "Explained: How to Cheat at Chess" All covered? No.

  11. I still don't get it…. just forbid electronic devices at the table, escort any players getting up for the restroom, forbid audience participation even keeping them out of sight and sound of the players… have I truly missed something here?

  12. My question is, how would he receive information from the phone or computer? Like how does the AI/Stockfish/Google camera or whatever actually SEE what's going on in the game (physically) since nothing is connected??

  13. I know how he did it, i just figured it out!

    He's got Neuralink installed! Musk himself is helping him!

  14. Thank you for giving us some possible lines of inquiry. Because at first I really didn't understand what it was about.

  15. Maybe he's one of Elon Musk's Neuralink experiments…coming to a brain near you soon!!!!

  16. As long as the information received by the 'cheater' is not during the game, it's not cheating, it's being PREPARED.

  17. player were cheating from the times of Morphy, even before, nothing strange. In top level online cheat is normal, because there is no way to hunt a cheater and on board there are methods too

  18. I am not a fan of chess nor do I follow chess tournaments. I just think Magnus is salty because he lost.

  19. Best cheating would be if you are losing..accuse the other guy of cheating with no proof and drop out.

  20. TBH casino cheaters have been using electronic devises for years.

  21. Proving someone isn't cheating? That's not required. If you're being accused of cheating, you don't need to prove you aren't. You cannot prove a negative, they must prove the positive claim. "Absence of evidence, is evidence of absence". – Christopher Hitchens

  22. U know its a chess gm cheating scandal .. when even the cheat is complicated and calculated …

  23. If Neimann is cheating then seems to me he is doing it all the time. And sooner or later will get caught. If he were playing some high level games without cheating then I would expect to seem him defeated badly at those times. His results would be up and down based on cheating and not cheating.

  24. Now to be able to play one needs to be fully shaved and naked, have a full body MRI or getting a colonoscopy. Ridiculous!!! 😂

  25. How can you cheat on a smart phone sitting there in the open with people watching. Cheating in chess on the top level is impossible and it dosent happen. People who are in the top and get beat will always cry about it, and the only way they try and save face is calling them a cheater. Also watching film before a game happens in EVERY SPORT! you learn your opponenant! to see how to beat them, thats not cheating thats called being ready!

  26. There is a lot of theoretical analysis about cheating but so far I have not heard just how Hans is communicating with the chess engine.
    How can he cheat in over-the-board games when there is good security?
    If they cannot actually prove How he cheated, the experts owe him a big apology.
    [ If they can prove it, then he's banned from tournament play forever. ]

  27. Regan is not infallible, and already anomalies have been found with other methodologies where Regan found no fault. A competent ombudsman is required.

  28. I was asking myself the same question so thanks for answering it.

  29. I learned how to play chess when I was around six years old, I’ve played maybe 50 games in my life, I’ve seen Searching for Bobby Fisher and I’ve read maybe half a dozen articles on Fisher. That is the extent of my history with chess until a few weeks ago lol. This cheating scandal, as terrible as it is, has really elevated chess in the consciousness of the general public. I mean, this is a big story. Me and my brother discussed the cheating scandal the other day for about 20 minutes, 20 times the amount of conversation we’ve had about chess in our 39 years together. I’m honestly grateful for it.

    Likewise, I really appreciate these kinds of videos that help the layman attempt to grasp what’s being talked about. You’ve done a great job, and have given me the knowledge to at least have a somewhat credible discussion with people at work about the scandal for example. I’ve Liked and Subbed. Big Ups!

  30. Probably GM Hans Niemann had already copied the most common moves. it could be the first 20 moves that Magnus used in his previous games. Then putting those situations in the engine with all variations and memories them.

  31. "he cheated by doing his research and prepared"

    "but… you can do that aswell, information is everywhere"

    "i dont care i'll whine it is cheating"

  32. In the hypothetical situation where MC was betrayed and Niemann chose to act on the information, that is unethical behavior. Same as if someone gives you supposed insider trading info. You don't know if it is accurate, but if you act on it, then you are committing a crime.

  33. it's crazy how, once upon a time, it took a supercomputer to beat the world champion. Now, anyone with a mobile phone can beat the greatest chess player of all time.

  34. It can also be a setup. So it's really not cheating unless it happens during the game.

  35. Explain how uttering words, signals or vibration, tell a player to do a certain thing at a specific moment?

    How can any signal be interpreted to make a player aware of anything in chess? Please explain.

  36. They could do the turnament inside a soundproof Faraday cage.

  37. Up to this event I respected Carlsen and I was supporting him, in the same way that I was supporting my beloved Kasparov, for his brilliance.. Now he has lost my respect, AS A HUMAN, mainly because he is accusing someone who played much better than him, without any solid proof… I AM VERY SORRY FOR YOU Mr. CARLSEN… This was a really tough lesson for you. TRY to become better as a person and accept your defeat like a gentleman you suppose are.

  38. I honestly want to see a game with two cheaters cheating to win. that would give us some great games. give everyone anal beads and an accomplice/partner
    and see who can cheat the best
    Winner gets a beaded necklace made from all the anal beads of the defeated competitors

  39. Hans did not cheat, but the numbers show that he's good at provoking errors from his opponents, that's a pretty good skill!

  40. All you need to watch is the movie titled 21. Watch how the guys that cheated got caught with the wireless device.

  41. Hard to believe how one can cheat in a live game. I would rather try my best to think rather than concentrate counting how many vibrations the anal beads make.

  42. It's funny because even cheating experts looked at the game and said it isn't possible that he cheated.

  43. I hate to say it, but Hans looks like a cheater.

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