EXCLUSIVE Magnus Carlsen Interview ft. GothamChess

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  1. Its great that levy is helping out less known chess players and worse chess players

  2. Wait hold up. He said greatest of football(Soccer) is Messi and what club he would play for is Madrid😂Like tf

  3. I love Magnus' cockiness. And the fact that he can defend his cockiness makes him more awesome

  4. His Goats for every sport are mine, excluding poker. Does that make me good at chess? "(I'm 1100)

  5. Magnus kinda killed that list of all time greatest athletes. Ofc it’s a contentious list but every name he gave is always in the argument. Very fun interview, great content Levy

  6. you guys had to play chess at the end)

  7. really nice twist and all together interesting interview

  8. Great interview. Congrats on all of the success Levy. Well deserved 🙏🏽

  9. Magnus seems so at ease in this interview with you Levy!

  10. great interview from levi, im sure he was excited but he stayed composed

  11. Amazing interview Levy! So happy to watch this interview!
    Congrats ♥

  12. My chess knowledge is very minimal, but I always hear about young prodigies who are geniuses etc. My question is, how long will it take for a "new" player to become the best player in the world? Obviously, noone knows for sure, but I'm interested to hear how long people think Magnus can hold the throne

  13. I'm Tunisian, and the first time I heard of amir zaibi

  14. Bobby fisher is bill Russel, Kasparov is Jordan , and Magnus is Lebron

  15. Magnus sounds like the Scandinavian version of John Malkovich

  16. If you think getting cancelled for misgendering someone is bad, wait until you see the blowback for misfurnituring someone

  17. 3:46 A commentary/ insights in the middle of the interview 🔥 That's OUR GOAT LEVY right there.

  18. And it was in this position that Gotham chess resigned, as there is nothing more to be done here…great interview!

  19. It's so cool that Magnus got to meet Gotham Chess, the creator of chess

  20. What a great job Levy! Loved the interview, very original ❤️

  21. The interview was great. Magnus looked like he had fun.

  22. Nice interview bro saludos desde Argentina you win a sub

  23. Amazing interview. The question about realization of him being the best in the world is a really perspective bending question. Love it.

  24. Night owl but sunrise? Maybe he stays up late enough for sunrise??

  25. Hey everybody, i offer send 10 million doll for Magnus, that we could be watch match Carlsen against Canelo🤩

  26. how humble Levy, chatting with a fan

  27. Thanks for the interesting questions and the furniture feature. You make interviews more interesting than expected.

  28. After enjoying lex fridmans interview with magnus, that was a teenager chat..

  29. Loved this except for the Lebron > MJ…. no wayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  30. 11:25 YEEESSS As a finn, I 100% agree with Magnus here. Good job answering the question correctly xd

  31. My man does Photosynthesis for energy 😂😂

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