EXCLUSIVE Magnus Carlsen Interview ft. GothamChess

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  1. Kallax is actually a swedish airport! Tell Magnus next time you talk to him 😃

  2. Thank you levy your content is fantastic !

  3. Surprised that it was the first time you've met him in person. That took a while.

  4. I agree. LeBron James is the GOAT in basketball. 🐐 👑

  5. imagine magnus endorsed by some niche european chess shoes, dat would sell a ton! and I want one

  6. All Ws except saying footballer the s-word and calling Pessi goat

  7. Wassup with that widows peak? Seemingly embraced

  8. Dude makes 5k+ per Magnus video and only offers $20 smh

  9. Was anybody else expecting a game at the end?

  10. Pausing the video in between to add this comment

    I don't usually click like button on videos but the way you understood the complexity of Magnus's answer regarding "when he thought he became the world's best player" and then transitioning from the interview to you explaining it was superb!

  11. I skipped 100% of the time you interrupted the interview, including the "intro".

  12. I'm a simple woman I see Magnus Carlson i click

  13. Chess players always look so tense having conversations 💀

  14. Levvy vs Magnus in Pipe dream chess. one bong rip per move for Magnus, one good "smoke break toke" per move for Levvy (The old pull and hold)

  15. I disliked the video because you said Messi.

    Edit: I liked the video now because Carlsen said he would play for Madrid.

  16. Magnus is a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom!!! Thank you for the interview!!! 😇

  17. Back to your non clickbait content. I love it, though I know clickbait works so well.

    Keep up the good work.

  18. Its kinda weird that magnus enjoys levy putting his name in the title

  19. What's the relativity of "furniture and chess player?" Why ask that kind of question. I don't get it. 😅

  20. Fun to watch you two interacting, good natural energy, thank you!

  21. I like the part where the interviewer took off his mask and revealed he was Fabiano the whole time

  22. Magnus admits that he is a narssicist but also mentions Kasparov as GOAT looks like a great improvement in his attitude.

  23. Levi is Russian. He must know of banya. I'm a little shaken.

  24. In fact, Magnus seemed to be having more fun during this interview than any other.

  25. wow, one of the greatest chess players of all time and this other guy who knows frank i guess

  26. almost all of my sports answers are from previous generations : (

  27. Tremendous thanks to Magnus and the amazing team at Chesscom for helping put this together and shoot it! 🙂

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