Every Chess Players Look at the Ceiling Those Days

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  1. See, looking at the ceiling gives me a whole new perpective, and i was able to see a brilliant move that stockfish haven't seen before

  2. I tried the way they do, looking at the ceiling while playing with my opponent with a big bet but my game is still the same!

  3. regular players ask the ceiling for moves, magnus tells the ceiling what to tll the others

  4. Remember that looking up and to the left can be associated with logic and memory, perhaps seeking a studied line… while up and to the right suggests creating, such as a bluff, feint, or calculating a risky or innovative line of new strategy. I just made you all better at chess, and all I had to do was watch every episode of Lie to Me.

  5. It seems they look at the ridiculous moves on the wall

  6. They're actually asking for god's help

  7. they are seeing chess pice like beth harmon lol

  8. Yeah but in Magnus's case, the Ceiling is actually looking at Magnus!

  9. in queen gambit movie ceiling is the best to find the good solution. did by harmon

  10. they're looking at the things on the wall that's projected with a projector 0:24

  11. They are trying to see the board and the moves like Beth Harmon in Queens Gambit series

  12. Im sure that So was just looking at a spider .

  13. i think they are trying to do the beth harmon thing

  14. they're just avoiding the camera

  15. They are probably seeing what beth Harmon sees when she looked at the ceiling

  16. Magnus was the only one looking at his memory bank and not the screen

  17. Everyone want to be magnus so bad lol even hikaru

  18. TIL that a cieling is a projection on a screen. Thanks for the clarification

  19. Because Queens gambit movie😂😂Elisabeth Harmon

  20. Legendary! Kudos to the camera staff 😀

  21. They're pulling a Beth Harmon move

    Ik they're looking at the screens

  22. Topalov doesn't care about ceiling because he only observes whenever his opponent goes to toilet

  23. They are not thinking. They are all literally looking at a gigantic screen that is showing other people games. Some of these games didn't even start.

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