Endgame Skills | Daily Chess Puzzle 147

Welcome to another exciting episode of Daily Chess Puzzle! In today’s edition, we dive deep into the fascinating realm of endgame strategies and tactics. Puzzle 147 presents a unique challenge that will test your endgame skills and sharpen your tactical acumen.

🔥 Test your tactical prowess: This puzzle is designed to push your endgame skills to the limit. Analyze the position, calculate variations, and make the winning move that will lead you to victory. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn more about endgames or an experienced player seeking to refine your technique, this puzzle is perfect for players of all levels.

🏆 Sharpen your strategic thinking: Endgames require precise calculation and strategic planning. As you work through this puzzle, you’ll develop valuable skills that can be applied to a wide range of positions. From pawn promotions to king activity, you’ll uncover essential concepts that will elevate your chess game to new heights.

🧩 Puzzle Details: Puzzle 147 presents a challenging scenario that demands creativity and precision. Can you find the optimal sequence of moves that will secure your advantage? Put your thinking cap on and embrace the intricacies of the endgame.

🔍 In-depth analysis: After you’ve solved the puzzle, stick around for a comprehensive analysis of the position. Learn the underlying principles, potential pitfalls, and alternative lines that could have arisen. Our expert commentary will provide valuable insights to enhance your understanding of endgame dynamics.

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🎉 Thanks for tuning in to Endgame Skills | Daily Chess Puzzle 147! Get ready to expand your chess horizons and enhance your endgame expertise. Let’s dive into the puzzle and master the art of endgame mastery together!

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  1. If black pawns move upwards (which they should because of how the numbers are displayed):Horse to c4, king has to take pawn in a4, rook moves to b8, white has two options, move pawn to c6, which is checkmate after rook b4 or horse c6, other option is move pawn to a3, checkmate after horse c6

  2. Who would do a mate in 3 when they have a mate in 1

  3. The people who say there is m1 have no clue that the pawn is not guarded lmao

  4. Guys c5 isnt mate in one bcs king takes pawn

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