Don’t disturb Magnus Carlsen when he is watching a game #shorts

Magnus Carlsen watches Aryan Tar’s game while heading out after his game.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. This is like randomly training on a football pitch and then Messi comes to watch you.

  2. Actually the arbitrator is trying to tell magnus not to stand and make noise while other players are playing

  3. Man plays chess and dont know not to ruin concentration of players while their game is going on .

  4. Magnus after game : " lol , you missed mate in 52"

  5. pretty sure the were just requesting he move as he was standing in front of the stationary camera.

  6. Is no one talking about the 2 kings

  7. Magnus review the moves so that do not disturb magnus while watching game.👍

  8. The disappointment in there eyes as they realized he was not watching their game

  9. When the teacher is staring at you while you take your exam in case your eyes start to wonder 😂

  10. The teacher tells students to read questions carefully, Magnus tells the teacher to make the grammar in questions correct

  11. Bro if magnus looks at my game like, I will just resign bruh

  12. He was nonverbally communicating to the official that he will be quiet while watching.

  13. He actually asked how many beers did he want.

    Magnus quietly gestured, “just one.”

  14. It's Aryan (who lost), I think they are friends

  15. How does it feel like watching mere children play like doofus and those children are titled grandmaster💀

  16. When you know nothing about chess this looks like the most uneventful moment in human history. No offense but it’s so dramatic w the music and I have no clue what is happening so it’s just lost on me 😅

  17. Imagine When your teacher stands beside your shoulder and starts laughing because he/she sees that your answer to the solution you made is not in the choices

  18. Walks off already knowing who will lose

  19. When you are a GM and Magnus watches your game is like a senior manager watching a worker work.

  20. Bro turn to to 1000000 braincell when magnus watching him

  21. The music used is called "Ghosting" By Christopher Moe Ditlevsen

  22. He was one second closer of asking to magnus"any tips".

  23. Why do this guy walk like he's a world Chess champion?

  24. Public agitation might tell a player plan. If the public starts rumoring and you don't know why, check everything twice

  25. Why do you have to have stupid pointless music so no one can hear what's actually happening?

  26. I would get like 10% attributes if Magnus is watching my game

  27. que el campeon del mundo te vea jugar, no tiene precio

  28. A Wild Magnus Has Spectated!
    +50% Confidence
    Whoops, Epic Blunder
    Magnus Did Not Like That
    Magnus Has Left
    -55% Confidence
    +10% Humidity
    +2% Resignation Chance

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