DO THIS When Facing 2000+ ELO Chess Players

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  1. Can you have time for a match with me? Eventually I will lost the match, but i want to know my mistakes.. So i think you are the perfect one to play.

  2. I think he would become a legend of your channel too! More please. I want to see more of your opponents "Pack their baggage." I wish I had this much fun playing chess!

  3. These were some really interesting games! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I could listen to her speak for hours❤

  5. I’m glad I found you are highly entertaining. Never forget the “big boy center” lol.

  6. Hi Alessia! Remember me – I was the 1200 who played you last year in December on one of your streams featuring the smart board. Btw are you going to do another rating challenge soon?🤩 Congrats on your win!

  7. Nobody beats Alessia and gets away with it (other than me 🤠)

  8. You're ridiculously charming at times… 😉

    Why do so many chess plying YouTubers chat so much at the beginning of a game and then let themselves get into time trouble?

  9. Asking, not telling, as a fan. Could you please not spoil the result in the headline? For example, this headline could have ended with, "…SO I'M OUT FOR REVENGE!" If anything, wouldn't that get you more clicks because people want to see if you win?

  10. Гроб никого не щадит!
    The coffin spares no one!

  11. youre faster than me but not better than me, nice quote

  12. Two very entertaining games without evil words. It seems you respect each other and it is not just work but a pleasure.

  13. Sei troppo simpatica oltre che brava. Davvero complimenti per il tuo canale: ottima scoperta. 👏🏻

  14. 11:02 "She won on time, not on position". Bruh she won in both, just take the L.

  15. I just realized why I love u & ur vids more on u r so cute , funny enjoyable watching u , u look a lot like her 😢

  16. i’m literally learning so much!!! as a beginner it’s so fun to watch u play and i’m so happy that i got to find ur channel 😩🤍

  17. Alessia you are always nice and funny

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