Do Chess Players Fake Interviews? #chess #shorts

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Kramnik video by @ChessBaseIndiachannel
Music by Massobeats
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unreported — CC BY 3.0


  1. Ooo so yea Hans could just have been trying to seem smart instead of hiding the cheating

  2. Kramnik is actually pretty well known for hallucinating about lines after the game

  3. Kramnik invented the beads then? Someone should look into this

  4. It could be a draw from the engine, and a dosen gms would look at the position and say someone is winning… They aren't wrong, people aren't engines and some positions only an engine would see the draw.

  5. Fabiano once hung a rook in classical, mistakes can happen

  6. Engines will kil standard chess. 960 is the future.
    At least i hope so.

  7. Kramnik was always winning according to his own assessment

  8. Kramnik will always be a far better chess player than me, but some of my better rated friends have told me they basically tune out of whatever Kramnik is saying in interviews because apparently he's that wrong in post game analysis.

    Difference between Kramnik and Niemann, is that Kramnik will play good chess most of the time and not superhuman chess one day and IM chess the next.

  9. Everyone loves to shit on Hans, just accept your loss Magnus.

  10. I used to think Fabiano was a boring so and so but he is quite cool man. I like.

  11. yeas but Hans' thing was like an instant piece hang not a 30 move line

  12. Oh, now I understand what's going on in the interview with Grishuk)

  13. Chess Interviews have been a joke all the time anyway. It's the most ridiculous or unnecessary questions most of the time.

  14. Kramnik was once a world champion, and about the time Fabi is talking about was a world number 3 with an ELO rating of 2817.
    Niemann is currently (Aug 2023 according to FIDE) ELO of 2660 and at 77th place in top-100.
    Do you think they are even comparable?

  15. Kramnik might be a relative of Michael Carbonaro.

  16. it's sometimes hard after winning to think straight

  17. Plot twist: he is bullshitting in this interview

  18. He beats me vs actually i reigned

  19. lmao Im glad Fabi said it. I always hear chess players talking about history

  20. In the future will ai be our go to for all forms of education?

  21. These guys have the worst personalities.

  22. when kramnik wins, it is because he has outplayed his opponent. when he loses, it is always by some miracle. he always loses by only one tempo. 🤣 just look at his interviews.

  23. The difference is, hans is a cheat and kramnik is a psycho

  24. Talking about a world champion you lost to : "the guy.." 💀

  25. Even 💩 was not prepared to be summoned so many times in the mouth of Mr. Caruana

  26. Funny how kramnuk is accusing hans of cheating against him lol

  27. Best thing you ever did is make a hot daughter!

  28. caruana said he didn't know the evaluation of the final position. then why did he resign?

  29. So was Kramnik cheating all the time 15 years ago?

  30. Ah Kramnik
    Dear Kramnik
    It feels like this didn’t aged that well
    How far we have come 😂

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