Do Chess Players Burn 6000 Calories a Day?

when doing your own research on the internet backfires


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  2. I have to admit, the moment you mentioned "Joe Rogan" my first thought was "there's no way what he's saying is true". He seems to be the epitome of unreliable sources.Not at all surprised his outlandish claims about chess grandmasters' calorie consumption turned out to be false, or that ESPN sensationalized the story by deliberately omitting important context offered by their source.I completely agree about "doing [one's] own research" on the internet being prone to backfiring; much like you said, it seems many people don't even try to counteract their confirmation bias and, instead of thoroughly reviewing & comparing a broad range of sources in an attempt to avoid believing/saying something that isn't actually true, just believe whatever source's claims are most appealing to them. Quality of source selection also seems to be poor more often than not, which is tragic because there are often many high-quality sources available via reputable open-access journals and… sites that allow anyone to freely read scientific papers published in closed journals. In many cases it's not very hard to make sure you've got the facts straight, but it (annoyingly) feels like a lot of people don't actually care enough to bother.The question that's really baffling me at this point, though, is actually "How does Ella manage to simultaneously exhibit calm/collected rationality, obviously high intelligence, a quirky sense of humour, and sky-high levels of cute – and why hasn't that snared her tons (at least sixty thousand metric tons by mass to be a tad more precise haha) of subscribers yet?" :PKeep up the great work! Awesome video; you did a great job of using this example to illustrate an important message. This video and your content in general deserve a lot more views here than they're getting.

  3. Wow, thanks for explaining it with such an evidence-backed video.

  4. I really respect you pointing out the bigger issue here which is the spreading of misinformation.

    In a time where we are bombarded every day with so much informarion that we cant fact check ourselves often due to the lack of time, lack of understanding of the matter or due to untrustworthy sources being the ones sharing it with the general public, its a breath of fresh air to see someone go deeper to find the truth regardless if its an important topic or just a fun fact!

    Sorry for the rant but it clearly grinds my gears, great video!

  5. Thank you for this video, very helpful

  6. Don't compare chessmasters to a normal chess player , it's like comparing a basketball street player to an NBA all star player

  7. Came here after hearing this rumour from Andrew Tate lol. Thx for the info

  8. Can you do a video on why Wakefield is not right

  9. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏 Even I couldn't believe how on Earth can someone burn 6000 calories just by thinking. I work out every single day for 30-45 minutes and been able to hit Max 400-500 calories.

  10. Wow you actually got your shit together

  11. I knew this was a lie the minute i saw it just by common sense. If grandmasters (hikaru, magnus etc) Burned 6000 calories a day from playing intense chess. THEY WOULD BE SHREDDED AS FUCK AND BE HUNGRY 24/7. CAUSE THATS HOW THE HUMAN BODY WORKS. But they all look like normal people and are not on a special diet. Have you ever heard a chess player say " On a tournement day i eat atleast 6000 calories so my body has energy. If i dont imma pass out. Look at my high calorie meal here" NOOOOO. LIKE PEOPLE REALLY USE YOUR BRAINNN.

    The average person needs 2000 to 2500 to function properly. Imagine them burning 6000. They would be in MINUS 4000 DEFICIT. When you are that low you start to have side effects. and i bet those grandmasters dont have them.

  12. Thanks for the quick deep dive. I thought that claim was insane

  13. if he said chess player burn 6k calories a day, he might be right.
    lets say im chess player, i could run untill i burn 6k calories a day.

  14. Wow, a world chess conspirancy! Lol
    Get a job.

  15. But didn't they mention that they tracked a chess player and they found out that he burnt 500-600 calories in 2hours while playing chess?

  16. how many calories? carb, fat, protein combo increase 1kg of our body weight?

  17. This is not a false claim. I have a friend who is International Master, which is a bit lower rating than a grandmaster and he uses calory tracker watches which for sure are not 100% accurate but they are pretty accurate. The watch measured him that he burned around 4700kcal a tournament 1 day. And he also said he measured his calories with the watch a tournament with a higher time control than the other tournament and he said he burnt around 5100 kcal.

  18. I love people who do research ❤️ could you link your sources in the descriptions? That would be dope.

  19. 1984 world chess championship canceled and renewed by FIDE referee because Karpov lost more than 10+ kg in a few weeks. This tournament is the most controversial tournament in world chess history

    If you want to hear this story from karpov, I will send you the link of an interview.

  20. Thanks for this video. I made a short about this a while ago and it amazed me how people just believed this without thinking logically how hard it is to burn calories and how if there was a loophole where if you suddenly "thought harder" you'd burn an insane amount of calories that would be very stupid evolutionarily for survival. Not to mention the fact that studies show grandmaster think LESS intensely during a game vs amateurs because of all the pattern recognition and studying before the game which INCREASES neural efficiency. The stress during a game is a real but if they measure weight loss is could be multiple things such as not eating, cortisol, water retention levels etc.

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