Derren Brown vs 9 Chess Players

Derren takes on 9 highly skilled chess players, including 4 Grandmasters of the game, all at once.

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  1. That one 6 changes alot that makes it hard to believe

  2. Darren Brown has been writing the scripts for this satanic sadistic new world order & covid takeover & lockdowns & lies & scripts for political officials & the news stations & governments worldwide psychological warfare manipulation Darren is a satanist & a man that loves to manipulate people but that has absolutely No comments & nothing to say about any of what is going on in this crazy world today when he specializes in this clear as day mass manipulation shit. Who do you think has been writing these scripts to induce this madness & spreading this insanity & fear & feeding people's anxiety panic, racism & insanity & fear.

  3. he said i dont want to touch the paper , but he does, he also turns it (misdirection) probably palms another paper puts it on top of the other one, and opens this one with the new number

  4. I definitely don’t believe that he can’t remember how he predicted the number of pieces left. He is a genuine psychic but can’t ever admit to that.

  5. I'd like to see him take on a grand dragon

  6. How the number prediction is done is shown at 6:18. It was a misdirection followed with the paper from the pocket being swapped for another, written after, in Derren's right hand. The later 'prediction' is then displayed with the original being hidden behind it. It also explains why the original prediction had the same first digit error as his whiteboard, he just remembered that wrong and it ended up on both. That swap took some serious skill.

  7. Good trick with the numbers, and how did he beat one player, with less time to think, if he's shit at chess?

  8. he swapped the folded paper in the envelope, when he said, 'if you take that there', he pushes the end of a different folded paper into the the mans hand, discretely hiding the blank one….

  9. As soon as I saw half the players were playing white and half black I immediately clocked what was happening……I would fully expect players of Grandmaster level would also be on to this very, very quickly……the clever part was how many pieces were left on the table….that is a very, very clever trick!

  10. This is clever, its like doing 2 tricks where the players know how he did the first one (winning the games by playing them against each other), and then a separate trick where he reveals the prediction. Whereas, its actually all just 1 trick where the first part was to send them down the wrong path so that the reveal is even more specular. Amazing showmanship

  11. 2:45 I mean immediately you can tell something is up if he's walking away on the first move lol

  12. Someone with pickpocketing skills can put an envelope inside of a coat pocket, just like they can remove an envelope from a coat pocket. People can also be paid to say things.

  13. Question: how did he predict the numbers?
    I kind of guess the folks didn't count, he just showed him the numbers at the end and they just kind of accepted it

  14. There was No black chess character all were brown?!!
    Did it became bad ??!

  15. I feel this entire thing is staged and at least a few if not all the chess players were in on the "tv illusion" near 60% of all high end chess matches involving grand masters and or chess engines result in a draw for this skit we have 22%. It is also uncommon for a grand master to resign with 10 or 11 pieces left for this skit we have 3 in a single sitting. I assume most camera tricks rely on the audience not being well versed on the topic so they do not pick up on such details.

  16. They probably knew this was happening as simultaneous exhibitions are always allowing the moving player to be white to prevent this.

  17. He switched the paper at the end extremely quickly

  18. Incredible 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Just Genious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This seems like a good memory trick, until you realise chess grandmasters are playing 20 games at the same time blindfolded 😀

  20. They may all be excellent chess players, but how's their 5d chess with multiverse time travel

  21. I know there are opening patterns, but i dont believe every player would play the same mirror match perfectly the same allowing him to do this.

  22. I imagine for the game he won he just chose the best player, and played those moves against the worst player, so he didnt have to play at all haha just a thought!

  23. he CAN'T REMEMBER how he knew the number of pieces?!?!?!

  24. Hmm, it may be a bold assumption but perhaps db got the numbers from the players boards, it’s the last thing we’d see coming

  25. 9 grandmasters Vs Darren brown and brown winning collectively ovet them with their own tricks its mind blowing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    4:20 Robert Chan isn't that good or experienced at chess. Robert probably views a grandmaster just as good as any 2200 rapid lichess.

    There's no way that good or experienced a player will seriously think some nobody in the chess or 9LX world is on par with Wesley So or Magnus Carlsen.

  27. In 1920, Milady played chess with several bored apes at once. She won every single game.

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