Deep Blue vs Kasparov: How a computer beat best chess player in the world – BBC News

Twenty years ago IBM’s Deep Blue defeated previously unbeaten chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov. Its designers tell the BBC how they won and what it means for computing.
Produced by the BBC’s Franz Strasser.

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  1. This guy won’t win a chess match against HAL

  2. Would the average iphone now beat him? They must trump the computing power of anything from the '90s?

  3. Ok then computers should fight with computers

  4. The fact Deep Blue "missed" a mating combination proved it was a mega computer PLUS humans versus Kasparov. Can you imagine a match between two grandmasters each of which had a different super computer to help him, or Magnus Carlsen and AlphaZero versus……. someone? So they NEVER WON THAT MATCH. They cheated.

  5. I think it must've been incredibly stressful for Kasparov, and he was treated unfairly by the organizers, but even so the achievement DeepBlue accomplished was incredibly.

  6. This was more political than it was to see how good humans are

  7. If you can't beat them, build a robot to do the beating for you.

  8. He is not a loser. He is a used guinea pig.

  9. Not to be that guy but, American engineering ftw baby.

  10. listening to "the reunion" on bbc radio four.. about Kasparov vs deep blue, so came here for a little look..

  11. And to think this technology is now used in Neimann's buttplug, who would've thought.

  12. The key ingredient is Humans feal fatigue unlike computers deep blue could of just waited in mistakes.

  13. damn, this Deep Blue guy must be pretty good

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