Deep Blue vs Kasparov: How a computer beat best chess player in the world – BBC News

Twenty years ago IBM’s Deep Blue defeated previously unbeaten chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov. Its designers tell the BBC how they won and what it means for computing.
Produced by the BBC’s Franz Strasser.

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  1. then the humans created this algorith are the most intelligent than the world champions themselves! woah, isn't it mindblowing?

  2. Who all came from Samay's Stream.
    Garry is such a legend.🔥

  3. is this how a computer beat the best chess player in the world! F**k you BBC

  4. Here I am again due to Origin DB. I'm reading it in Greek language and I'm on page 538 right now. I'm amazed of the whole thing Brown wrote down!

  5. Who went here after reading Dr. Stone's chapter 213

  6. Dr.stone anyone haha? 😂 This is crazy I can’t wait for future seasons such a underrated gem!

  7. This is not a surprise, this is a common thing to me even tho difficulty level is on easy mode.

  8. its ironic how Dr.Stone always lead me to searching stuff like this

  9. If Kasparov won in 1996 and Deep Blue won in 1997 , then is a draw. They should assembly DB again to the third and final matche

  10. if computer can beat human in a chess game, which involves conscious decision and complex brain processes, then AI is more than real.

  11. It doesn't sound like you guys have all the facts correct.. My dad was working at IBM during this period of time so I was paying close attention..

  12. The amazing thing is that no matter which of them win, it still means that humans are damn awesome… Imagine creating a machine that can play equally against the best human or having a human that can play against the best machine.. It's both awesome.

  13. Human Lost a game of chess to a computer. Human program the Computer to win a game of chess to a Human. And so! we will go to war 🤭

  14. This shows us just how pathetic we are compared to our very own creation

  15. When the day comes when EVERY single game played by a Computer against a Computer always ends in a draw .. then I think chess is solved and we can all move on! However, I get the feeling that this may never happen or am I wrong?!

  16. Kasparov is one of the greatest chess players of all time. However, it baffles me a bit that they were surprised by his behaviour. He already proved multiple times that he is a sore loser. He even admited this himself later.

  17. Deep blue wasn't that strong in 1997, I'm amazed garry lost

  18. It beat Kasparov because that's the only task it was doing, while humans do thousands of tasks simultaneously. You move your hand and pick up the chess pieces with right pressure, right speed, etc. You're doing so many complex tasks simultaneously that you don't even think about it.

  19. Need a machine to beat a Human, you moron.

  20. That time this guy's proving that computer s can beat humans at chess but now,it's really hard or impossible to proof that human can beat computers😅

  21. This guy won’t win a chess match against HAL

  22. Would the average iphone now beat him? They must trump the computing power of anything from the '90s?

  23. Ok then computers should fight with computers

  24. The fact Deep Blue "missed" a mating combination proved it was a mega computer PLUS humans versus Kasparov. Can you imagine a match between two grandmasters each of which had a different super computer to help him, or Magnus Carlsen and AlphaZero versus……. someone? So they NEVER WON THAT MATCH. They cheated.

  25. I think it must've been incredibly stressful for Kasparov, and he was treated unfairly by the organizers, but even so the achievement DeepBlue accomplished was incredibly.

  26. This was more political than it was to see how good humans are

  27. If you can't beat them, build a robot to do the beating for you.

  28. He is not a loser. He is a used guinea pig.

  29. Not to be that guy but, American engineering ftw baby.

  30. listening to "the reunion" on bbc radio four.. about Kasparov vs deep blue, so came here for a little look..

  31. And to think this technology is now used in Neimann's buttplug, who would've thought.

  32. The key ingredient is Humans feal fatigue unlike computers deep blue could of just waited in mistakes.

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