Deep Blue beat G. Kasparov in 1997

Short documentary about computer chess history up to the third millennium and especially about the 1997 chess match between Garry Kasparov World Chess Champion and IBM’s computer Deep Blue. The computer won the match 3.5 – 2.5 and Kasparov lost a chess match for the first time in his life.
Un minidocumentar despre meciul de sah din 1997 dintre computerul Deep Blue si Garry Kasparov, castigat de catre masinarie.


  1. its weird how this is the only video with archived footage of the event actually happening

  2. how can a chessmachine see all possible moves and know what to do? arent there more possible chess moves than atoms in the universe? this should be impossible?????? how is this possible?

  3. if you look closely, you can see that deep blue actually used a computer to look up moves, which is probably why gary chess lost

  4. The computer is impressive, but I walked away more impressed by Kasparov.

  5. I'm here from Dr.Stone chapter 213 😀

  6. I feel sorry for Kasparov. The chess programms were weak until 1997. But after 2005 that's impossible to beat a chess computer.

  7. How much money did Kasparov get ,but l think that Kasparov and Bobby Fisher where if anything a Tie as players .🤙.but l think that Kasparov should of got a Tie break er with deep blue. 🥊🥊🤟.

  8. This is one of those moments in history that warrent a whole blockbuster movie budget

  9. In 2022, this is a video which I can call a classic epic 🤩

  10. I'm always suspicious when people just quit or act out of character. Alot of money invested by IBM but how much do we know about ?

  11. What doesn´t change at all, is Human´s Ego. I heard yesterday an old Kasparov´s interview; in which he was asked; what does mean for him "chess". His response was: "crushing and crushing the enemy". The problem with those people, is that once they got "crushed", they´re unable to accept it. I never liked this guy Kasparov. I never liked his personality. After losing, he acted like a 5 year old child and complained with his mom (Im not making fun of it.It really happened that way). I sincerely congratulate the IBM team, they did a great job.

  12. This video is almost as old as YouTube itself :0! I still remember watching it in 2007.

  13. As amazing as it was in 1997, to think that a program in 2017 like AlphaZero could totally crush Deep Blue (using AI instead of brute force) is absolutely mind boggling.

  14. This is like "car vs human racing each other" thing

  15. But…
    They didn't show the behind the scenes footage, of his Rage Quit. When he was running behind the machine and ripping out wires, while screaming….

  16. Look at all these GM's in the comments.

  17. He's an amazing brain ! To beat a specially made computer with all the possible moves in its memory is quite something,

  18. I remember that match. They tweeked the program during the tounament. He beat the program as it was when he was challenged.

  19. what’s scarier is that chess computers to this day can still be improved. if google holds true then there’s 10 to the power of 111 possible chess combinations, for those who don’t do maths that’s 10×10, done 111 times. theoretically the strongest AI possible would be able to calculate every move possible from start to finish

  20. Whats the name of the first background song?

  21. The ending is profound- it looks to me a late 90s documentary, mentioning that a computer that could think itself is far away- well, the age of AI is here!

  22. Kasparov vs deep blue he lost. His rating 2800. I My self KREMPOV Vs STOCKFISH 10 rated 3200. Results 4 wins 1 loss. I won

  23. Magnus could beat that revision of Deep Blue

  24. What Is crazy Is that Kasparov pulled draws and stood a chance that has million options every second, if you really let that sink in you can imagine how crazy smart his brain is..

  25. I was reading about this match in a book, it is astonishing to think that what once in 1997 was shockingly state of the art technology nowadays is considered a milestone in the path to the future of AI, thus the future of the entire human race

  26. Usain Bolt vs Aston Martin Valkyrie. So?

  27. DNU ! DNU DNU Saftica Ciolpani Campina Sinaia Brasov. Etc Etc.

  28. So iconic and historic, I wonder what museum Deep Blue is preserved in?

  29. Last time I played against a software, I won in about one hour (on a Ryzen 7 3700 X). Problem : this was 10 years after my last game and I played perhaps 20 or 30 games in my life… So, I was very lucky or the software had a level problem (sure was on easy force, guys).

  30. Still shook the hand of his oppenent, even though his real opponent had no hands.

  31. I hope the awesome team of programmers that created Deep Blue are able to use ChatGPT and similar technologies. It is amazing to consider how exponentially AI tech has evolved within the last few years. Excited to see where it'll go!

  32. Heard the end and i get this is uploaded in 2007 abd the original video is even older but here we are with A.I in 2024

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