Dead LOST to WIN in 1 Move! #shorts

Anish rising from the Ashes 🥵

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. If i lost such easy mates, i would have rage quit . Kudos for such sportsmanship by these gentlemen

  2. Thats why i hate fuking endgame

  3. Guys, im 500 rated so tell me if im wrong. But couldnt he have just played Qe4 and then push his pawn for both a discovered attack on the king while also blocking his queen from doing what he did here

  4. this is why giri was so annoying he dont resign on lost position

  5. I don’t know that other guy but I genuinely feel bad for him lol he’s never going to forget that. Congrats to Anish, though! Always rooting for him

  6. Why didn't he block with the queen and take his queen with the pawn?

  7. Even I find it hard to sleep after watching the opponent face 😓

  8. That must be sooooo depressing, about to beat ANISH GIRI and u blunder mate in 2… I feel terrible for them

  9. anish,s opponent is d real winner, i mean he shudn,t be sad bt rather shud have been happy 4 he reached such a winning position against anish giri nd having 2pawn advantage is a big deal

  10. If you're losing, play faster. The opponent may blunder trying not to get behind in time.

  11. If white go diagonally then it was a chek mate

  12. En ese momento algo dentro de lopso de quebro

  13. He slap dude mother with that move!

  14. Tutorial: How to lose a winning position😅

  15. White guy missed mate in two at the beginning. Queen was g6. He moved to E8 when he should have moved king to h6. Also Amish could have got the mate 1 move quicker if he moved queen to h6 instead of h2

  16. This isn't a real anish game, in reality he would play for a draw

  17. Two pawns advantage
    Converted into disadvantage

  18. I don't understand why ppl even play when they are losing like 2 pawns down in the end game . Just resign already 😡😡😡

  19. After 1…Qd6, 2.f6 saves the game, no?

  20. should have moved the king in the 1st place w/ checkmate in 2 more moves 😔😔

  21. This is a horrible feeling. Not sure how the opponent will get over this!

  22. With chess now a global business, I always suspect the use of media coverage as a means of delivering messages via blunder or faulty play.

  23. The way Danish moved the piece… He was actually faster than flash… Omg!!! That's the power of hope. Never give up.

  24. woah chessbaseindia actually showing a digiboard and explaining the scenario. they're evolving

  25. wesley so would draw this game if he is white

  26. There is no mate in 2 from that position. Maybe White missed one earlier, but no mate in 2 from there.

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