Dead LOST to WIN in 1 Move! #shorts

Anish rising from the Ashes 🥵

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. How the hell did this guy make this silly mistake? even a 1600 can see his mistake wow

  2. i cried when it happened to me in my interschool comp my group substituted after it

  3. And then he sacrificed the two pawn advantage.

  4. But how does white win that endgame?
    Doesn’t seem very straight forward to me.

  5. Chess really is just about waiting for your opponent to blunder 💀

  6. Anish could have played queen to h6 when the queen was in d6 that was a direct checkmate!!

  7. Why can't the black directly moves in to h6 it would have made checkmate to white

  8. Pawn can kill queen in second case will make it queen rho

  9. The voiceover at the end sounds like FATALITYYYYYYYY from Mortal Kombat 😂

  10. The pawns blocked the escape of the King.

  11. That must be heartbreaking feel bad fr him but think getting that position against anish, one of the top seat holders in the chess world is already a win.

  12. ,Qe3 was not a GM move. Qh5+ followed by Qg6+ forcing the 👑 trade. Then repromoting

  13. Ahh.. I would just get up and not look at the board ever again

  14. I didn't know that luka doncic got this good, since he is only started playing lately

  15. Dont move king just do queen vs queen, black wont dare to sacrife queen since white still has 2 pawn

  16. Can anyone tell how black wine there is lots of opening for whites😢

  17. TopPlayer with TopMentality ! 💙🙏🏅⭐️

  18. how it is mate in 2 for black which he misses

  19. The most difficult position to play is an already winning one

  20. I would have exchanged the queens and won it with pawns. That's what I do when I really want to win a game😂😂

  21. Opponent calmness shows thet chess helps in controlling the emotions and mind

    But then i think of botez sisters😂

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