Day 11 | Journey to World Chess Champion

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Day x | Journey to World Chess Champion


  1. I play in my first turnament in a week, and i just wanted to say that you have inspired me so much to pursue chess. Thank you for that.

  2. I think the coolest thing about being an international grandmaster has to be the travel to different countries. I'm not a grandmaster but I am a chess fan and as a fan I have traveled to some chess tournaments in various countries in Europe. One memorable trip took me to the train station in Zurich , Switzerland where I had the best hot dog (I guess it was a sausage) that I have ever had. I would think it is the little things like this that would make the life of a chess grandmaster most interesting.

  3. The endgame is clearly a strength in Hans game. The opening can be memorized to some extent. The middle-game is tougher for everyone, but he calculates very well and only has to work hard on getting his great ideas and then executing them well. Many of those are known, so only the unique ones are a challenge at all.

  4. Thanks for sharing your devoted daily routine Hans. It's awesome to see you chasing your own personal legend (as the novel the Alchemist would call it), despite all you've faced. Play on man! I look forward to seeing the mark you make on the world of chess!

  5. You could have saved some time by answering how much time you don't spend on chess training, and then used that extra saved time to do some more chess training.

  6. Loving the endgame stuff.

    & to all the salty commenters, here’s a mind-blowing thought, did you know you that liking Hikaru or Magnus doesn’t oblige you to side with one & hate the other two? Cringey fanboys lol

  7. You’re the man! Here for the come up!!

  8. Hans, you have a lot of people cheering you on! Keep your chin up in the face of adversity. Keep it going and thanks for sharing your journey. I'm curious what you think of Paul Morphy. So far ahead of his time when it comes to initiative and piece development…. How would you describe your approach to chess?

  9. Who is the cooler Hans? Hans Niemann or Hans Gruber?

  10. Listen World champ! Don't let these private companies tell you how to behave and what to say! Stay free as you are and don't bend for these monsters!

  11. Bro keep grinding them haters gonna make you rich

  12. Hey Hans, how are equipping yourself with psychological warfare? Yes, chess moves are one aspect. Do you know what bait to lay in front of magnus or hikaru so they bite? Just remember you're dealing with a human on the other side not an engine. Humans get attached to certain lines of thinking and interpretation. I think you'll do well with adding 1 hour of meditation daily will help you regulate emotions not only of yourself but of opponent. Eventyally you will realize that- There is no opponent. (Bruce lee). Just you against yourself. Get it. Love from India! 😈 🇮🇳

  13. All intelligent people know that St Louis chess club was under investigation for mass pedophilia when the Hans beads smokescreen was dreamt up to divert attention.

  14. Bruh, lol I swear I swear I feel myself getting smarter just listening the future GOAT

  15. Hans “ hello future grandmasters”
    Me : “it’s still possible I may be 18 all I need is another 2000 elo points then I will be 2600”

  16. Question:
    Do you have any free time from chess and if so what do you spend it on?

  17. 😮 Stop being a milk boy… Stop crying like mommy's little milk boy

  18. That's all you do is talk shit… Bring it

  19. It's so sick and tired of Millennials your bunch of idiots come out and play and let's settle it

  20. Lol…hans is a afraid….millanial…. Come out and play and stop being a pussy

  21. great! exactly, thats what were interested in (still find another raw model for social skills than Fisher).

  22. always with you hans ❤ loving this series

  23. You are my favorite GM. I really hope you will become world champion one day.

  24. @Hans Niemann what is your greatest strength and biggest weakness that needs work in your chess game currently to become world chess champion?

  25. Make sure to post your recaps of the games in Tunisia before Gotham snatches them for content 😅

  26. Good stuff Hans but it's tuff for me to analyze chess in 3D, unless the camera is directly above the board, the pieces get in the way. How old was Fischer when he first became world champ, can you wait as long because you maybe black listed from candidates tourneys? Fischer made symphonies with his chess it you listen to his interviews, chess is a language but to interpret it is the true genius. He explained his persecution to his Icelandic hosts like he played chess, irrefutable

  27. We hebben gedetecteerd dat een of meer van uw recente tegenstanders ons Fair-Play-beleid hebben geschonden. Als compensatie voor mogelijk onterecht ratingverlies, hebben we de volgende ratings bij u aangepast:

    Rapid: 630 + 8 => 638

  28. Wheres the Bobby Fischer quote of the day

  29. Trying so hard to be like Fisscher. That's really nothing to strive for.

  30. My question is – with this "Freestyle chess" tournament they currently have going on, are they trying to erase the 🐐 Bobby Fischer's legacy? It's Fischer Fandom, not freestyle chess.

  31. More than a woodchuck that couldn’t chuck wood could

  32. Great video. Love your goals I really hope you become world champion one day but I have a question I'm 13 years old can I still become a grandmaster

  33. what do you think about the black night tango, can you make a video about that opening?

  34. Please do something about the volume, it's way too low. Thanks! 🔊

  35. What do you think , how much hard work is required to become world champ what sacrifices needed ? And how much you are doing ? Please tell truth.

  36. Hi Hans,

    I am watching your videos. I think you will be high in the chess world when the right time comes, but do not attack and make negative comments to other GM. You will play with those GMs in chess tournaments and you will have to see them and any escalation with them will have a mental impact on concentration on games with them…

    you can not fight the whole chess community, keep your strength for the chess, not for the players…

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