Daniil Dubov vs Magnus Carlsen | Who offered the draw? | World Blitz 2022

Daniil Dubov and Magnus Carlsen were pitted against each other in the 11th round of World Blitz Championship 2022. Both of them are very well aware of each other’s playing style. How did their game go? Was Dubov able to surprise Magnus out of the opening? Or did the World Champion neutralize his opponent with the black pieces? Find out in this video from the World Blitz 2022.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Це лінь? Не повага до шахів? Просто втома? Або похмілля.

  2. The strongest handshake in nowadays chess history!

  3. Dani offered the draw and played the last move !!

  4. you can see how great dubov is just by seeing that magnus was the one who came earlier.

  5. The don’t look at each other even during handshake. So shy

  6. Guys I'm a huge fan of your channel from India ! Have one advice for you, irrespective of the video title, make sure to add the chess board and the moves on the video. It really helps to better visualise the game 🙏. Wishing you loads of success and sending lots of love.

  7. Nobody offered the draw. So Dubov could ask for the winning as Masgnus was the first offering his hand. 🙂

  8. this one i couldnt understand…i can see that equal material is present and its a bishop vs horsie endgame maybe…
    but idk why dubov gave it away…

  9. Can I know why is there a HDMI cable connected to the board?

  10. Finally the match I was waiting for!!! 🤩

  11. Manus closing his bottle then "naah i will drink once more"

  12. Why is Magnus growing out the crazy chess nerd hairdo? He was doing so well all these years… LOL

  13. I'm sorry but personally I'd treat each individual game as a competition to win……..I understand the end result is to win a tournament because that's where the money is. However my competitiveness would not allow me to seek for nothing other than a win from each individual game………to have two players startegically arrange a game for the outcome of an end result of tournament seems so shameful to me. I never could, but it's my agressive and competitive nature that stops me from doing such things.

  14. Does anyone know why it was a draw? I'm a beginner in chess, and I don't understand

  15. You can see Dubov speak before they shook hands. He offered the draw.

  16. Every decision you’ve ever made has led to you reading this.

  17. That last move from Magnus is a really strong indication that this result was prearranged. The whole game was very non-aggressive for both sides. Seems odd.

  18. Magnus Carson take blunder knight …and his resign immediately 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. They are super friends, Giri is a secret agent spying hahahhaa Always hanging around

  20. Даня, ептвою дивизию, ну поправь ты осанку, выпрями спину, пожалуйста!!!!!!!

  21. XD , there are a tear and a grr . someone here needs a drinkzzz

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