d4 SUCKS (chess music video)

decided to do something a little different this time (who am I kidding, I always do something different)
I promise I won’t post cringe ever again

chess rap cuz I got bored
this video took me over 3 months to make and it was a pain in the butt so I will definitely be taking a break from youtube for a while. I might upload on my music channel though? go follow me there @influxquaver

oh yea I forgot to say, I don’t actually hate d4 players. I respect all chess players regardless of what opening you play. I made this video cuz I was bored… and cuz d4 players are easily hateable? idk

credits to h1me on looperman.com for the melody idea

stuff I used:


  1. gotta work on your flow more, it was a bit behind, and lyrics get a little repetitive. other than that, good!

  2. we making it out of the chess club w this one 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. You really deserve more subs with your video quality!

  4. thanks for spreading the message 🙏🙏 everyone in interschool chess plays d4

  5. My friend: plays d4 in the first move
    Me: It's a blunder

  6. E4, just like D4. I too solid. Everyone expects. Nobody expects you to go F4 and somehow blunder M2.

  7. The work that must have gone in to this. Respect

  8. Violence🔪 0%
    Sex 🔞 0%
    Racism 🐵 0%
    d4 Sucks 100%

  9. the beging could be better but the midle and end are perfect, keep going! (sorry for bad english)

  10. As a 2000 rated player I can confirm that d4 does infact suck

  11. the verse is so fire my dad came back just to hit the replay button 🔥🔥

  12. Looks like someone hasn’t tried out 1…c3. I’m USCF 2068, and 6-1-1 with it! Beat a strong NM from PA with it as well. e4 sucks bc it is too sharp. My second choice would be 1.d4

  13. Does any body know the original video? Plz

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