D. Polevoy (1834) vs Fatality (2046). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Polevoy is 1 vs 3, not a fair game at all.

  2. She's too much dangerous for these young male kids in chess.. She always attacks thier rook😅

  3. totally inappropriate attire for a chess event.

  4. so obvious to take the pawn at the end no?

  5. Well played, well deserved win by Fatality! I like the way she defended in the middlegame and transformed her position into a winning endgame. And I loved the endgame trick that secured her win (although the position wasn't that clear then).
    11:43 Too sad, she didn't find Nf3+!! in this position. She would have won at least an exchange. I think that was the move that the spectator showed her after the end of the game.

  6. there was a check at 9:23 with black's knight and they ignored it 😂😂😂😂

  7. What were they playing again? I got distracted by her two fantastic pieces. Tennis was it?

  8. Тяжёлая игра для парня, нужно смотреть только на доску и думать только о шахматах)

  9. comment je la tronche tout les jours cette chienne de Fatality

  10. i will not be able to focus on that fatality moment!!!!!

  11. This guy got distracted by her boobs and threw the game away.

  12. what does she want from every F single boy

  13. Why didn't he take her pawn at 12:43? I get time was running out but still he had 7 seconds left and her pawn was not defended.

  14. Специально так оделась, чтоб смутить пацана))

  15. If I were a Police or an official law prosecutor I would have a good look in this comments session.

  16. Я не понял, это ничья или что, почему не доиграли?

  17. using sexy clothes is a tricks

  18. Why have I been recently getting fatality’s matches in my feed

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