Countries With The Most Chess Grandmasters

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* Federation transfers are treated as happening on January 1st of a given year.
* Deaths are treated as happening on December 31st of a given year.

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  1. I bet if this video was made by those indian pie chart channels that go into the false “future” years estimates stats and would have India at 1000 grandmasters by 2050.

  2. Armenia is a tiny nation of 3 million people.

    How is it in the top 10..?

  3. Russian vodka and chess deadly combination just try at -10°c ….🔥

  4. Wait a minute….Argentina has grandmasters….wow nice…it's good to see a Hispanic country being so good in an Indian origin sport

  5. India will soon catch up we have toooooo big a population and smart one too

  6. Also there are lots of Amenians that play under russia or America. Kasparov is Armenian

  7. India when it cant be no1 at a sport it invented

  8. India is like “Gas, gas, gas” right now. I think they will soon claim second place.

  9. Germany is third?? I didn't knew as an german lol

  10. India’s count is incorrect at the end, the exact count is 68

  11. India will be claiming for atleast top 3 in next 5 years time.

  12. Wow this was incredibly difficult to predict

  13. Germany being so close to USA is quite impressive

  14. It's not about the quantity, except the quality.

  15. should rather have made it "grandmasters per 1.000.000 people per country"
    the way its shown in the video gives large population countries sorta an unfair advantage

  16. Surpised to hear Germany has so many GMs. I only know Jan.

  17. The most impressive thing to me, is that iceland has 9 gramdmasters. A country with about 350.000 inhabitants ( with a lot of time on their hands)

  18. I didn't know that Germany and Ukraine had so many grandmasters. Nice.

  19. So the average Russian that could beat me is about 9 years old.

  20. it's crazy to see how many gms germany has but is lacking in top players

  21. India coming back to take their game.

  22. The fact that all the GMs of India are alive 🔥🔥

  23. Me and my teacher once went through the list of our local Ukrainian titled players. And he literally pointed to about every 3rd player and said that they bought their title. It was so shocking, but people actually buy titles in our country (GM/IM) for some 100 dollars and never play in tournaments again. Don’t ask me why.

  24. USA, our number are looking low, we need to buy more

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