Could 16 year old Pragg beat the Swedish number one chess player?

16 year old Pragg (aka Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa) took on the Swedish number one chess player, Nils Grandelius in round 4 of Tata Steel Chess today. Pragg was seeking his first win in the tournament, having lost to Jorden Van Foreest, yesterday and drawn twice. Pragg played an awesome line of the Grunfeld with an early h4 and showed his attacking intent, and soon the 16 year old had Swedish number one, Grandelius, on the back foot. Pragg kept control but Grandelius sought counterplay, so could 16 year old Pragg keep control or would he let it slip to the Swedish number one chess player, Grandelius. Hope you enjoy watching to find out!

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  1. Very complex game by Pragg. Imagine when he turns 17!

  2. Rook moves are very interesting. They switch attacking both the king and the queen side. Well played

  3. This is a great result for him. He has a great chance to make everyone to notice him.

  4. Great analysis ! Keep making videos , one day you'll go viral. Youtube loves consistent guys.

  5. You have a real ability to explain complex chess positions and ideas. Thanks very much for doing these instructive videos. Much appreciated…

  6. This guy is going to grow fast he is the softer narrator and dont tire people with endless computer tactic like others.. long viewer just suacribed

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