Chess vs girlfriend be like…

#chess #shorts


  1. Im surprised you play chess and have a gf 😅

  2. I know exactly what move he’s about to do just from that first move

  3. okay be honest dont we all do this to our friends

  4. I can feel the black airforces energy coming from him

  5. There’s 2 ways in chess,
    1 the easy way

    2 the hard way

  6. Sometimes u gotta give up ur future queen to checkmate the opponent's king

  7. Im sorry but who are you playing chess with? 😎

  8. Me having the same board knowing it's magnetic

  9. Pov: my brother think he’s still better after I became the biggest magnus Carlson fan

  10. You know your done when they whip on a whole suit


  12. “Okay, just give me a second” in know what’s about to happen

  13. That one friend when you beat him once in fortnite and thinks hes better than u😂

  14. Me and my sis
    I let her beat me. She said one more game I said all right hold up I came back with a suit I became white well I was playing white and she was playing black and I became Magnus Carlsen.

  15. G toilet is growing and getting stronger every episode so we cant say anything yet

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