Chess ‘Simul’ Game – Garry Kasparov Against 30 Players

The 2010 Dan David Prize events were held
At the Tel Aviv University,


  1. I just want to say that the camerawork here is beyond atrocious. Not only is the quality very poor for 2010 standards, but also the cameras often don't show the actual boards when Kasparov makes a move. Many times the camera is either positioned behind Kasparov so that you only see his back, the camera is facing Kasparov from an angle so you can't even tell what he is thinking about on each board, or the camera focuses on the player's face when he makes a move. I want to compile all these games and put them into a study so everyone can learn from this, but it's nearly impossible when the camera doesn't even focus on an actual board half the time.

  2. 4 hours!!! …thx for uploading, really much appreciated!!!

  3. Wow! thank you for uploading this piece of history.

  4. @ 3:26:00 Garry Kasparov had realized that he could force mate the kid with Qh6!! And later realizes that his name was Oz Tal; that queen sack reminded him of his Soviet comrade: World Champion GrandMaster Makhail Tal.

  5. parei de olhar nos 5:00 porque achei que era 4:00 minutos kk

  6. do u know that world blind simul is 56? (G Koltanovsky)

  7. He played white so that people can't use the old "copy the guy next to you" trick. It is easy to recognize a piece on the board is a knight if it is facing sideways. If it is facing forwards, it is easy to mistake it for a bishop, especially when playing 30 people at once. Another explanation is just out of habit. Lots of chess players do it.

  8. 1:00:00 Kasparov PUNCHES BLUE SHIRT IN FACE

  9. So what was the score? How many did he win and draw?

  10. Are any of the players rated above 2000? I only noticed ratings around 1700.

  11. Can someone pls tell me the score ? Did he even lose one match ?

  12. i would have set up kasparovs pieces perfectly i also would put a watch next to the board

  13. What was Kasparov's record in this video? I'm having trouble seeing.

  14. I would like to see a pgn file with the games

  15. alguien sabe si Garry Kasparov ha escrito algun libro

  16. Varios. Los más famosos a mi parecer serán su serie de cinco libros "Mis Predecesores", y otros cuatro titulados "Garry Kasparov Sobre el ajedrez Moderno", además otros como "como el Ajedrez imita a la vida", y varios más.

  17. Pure Genius !!! How could there be 4 dislikes on this? Some people are just jealous.

  18. ok,,,,y cual me recomiendas como para empesar a jugar…es que me compre un librito de ajedrez,,pero esta bien mal explicado…

  19. De Kasparov yo creo que ninguno, sus libros suponen que uno ya sabe jugar y tiene un nivel avanzado de conocimiento del juego, si no sabe nada nada, o simplemente sabe mover las piezas, cualquier libro que diga "ajedrez para principiantes" o "primer libro de ajedrez" o "introducción al ajedrez" de cualquier autor sirve.

  20. not with a 100% score. elo isn't just statistical in the number of players but in the number of results of a single player.

    think it over. if you must get back to me with some snippy ignorant reply, at least spend some time thinking about it. make an effort.

  21. que dira en lo que firma? fui uno de los 30 abusados por Kasparov

  22. In other words, hard-earned money, right ? Typical reflexion from a miserable laborer working for hours per day in annoyance and boredom.

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