Chess ‘Simul’ Game – Garry Kasparov Against 30 Players

The 2010 Dan David Prize events were held
At the Tel Aviv University,


  1. Europe Is becoming Dictatorship Union - says:

    no human being can do this 4 hours in a piece !

  2. this is fatiuge around the table kasparov legend really

  3. I'd love the chance to be one of the players

  4. I'd love the chance to be one of the players

  5. Garry Kasparov for the president of Russia!!!

  6. I love the way Kasparov moves the pieces. So swift, so precise.

  7. Simultaneous chess exhibitions are great. They provide a chance for amateurs, and more advance players to face off against masters, grand masters, and world champions. I read some where that Bobby Fisher as a teenager was getting $500.00 for a 
    'Simul'.  I suppose back in the 1950's that was perhaps good money for a chess player.

  8. 4 hours, at around 2 km/hour, more than 8 km, that is the feat…
    More seriously, people say it's easy to play again 1600 elo, with white, but 1600 or 2100, the diffirence is only to know all the openning and all finals, i know a lot of 1600 who can win sometimes again more than 2000, in complicate middle of game… Chess is a game, not a fatality. With 30 players, there is a lot of chances to be in hard situation, to miss something important. Win every match is a real feat. That what he did.

  9. Why Kasparov feel all of the chess pieces before he moves in it begins? Only curious.

  10. I bet signing all those bloody books and autographs afterward was more knackering than the simul itself !!

  11. One thing that bugs me in simuls is that many players simply refuse to resign. They're hopelessly lost and they play until they get checkmated. I understand that they've paid their money, but if you're rated 1400 or so you should know when the position is hopeless and tip your king. The GM is probably thinking: 'why is this idiot still playing?'

  12. too bad kasparov dosent have a level board he wouldn't have to walk for shit lol

  13. Kasparov should join the world chess championships and challenge Magnus Carlsen.

  14. Why do the players only move when Kasparov reaches their board?

  15. next week we will have sonny liston go up against 20 random civilians

  16. What happens between Kasparov at the guy at 3:33:35 when he waves him off and doesn't move a piece?

  17. why does he touch all the pieces before making the first move?

  18. At 3:20:15, Kasparov appears to remove a black piece from the board without capturing the square, what happened?

  19. Roses are red voilets are blue there is always a russian better that you 💐

  20. Ahaha, wishing success to everyone BUT garry kasparov!

  21. Why does touch all his chess pieces before making the first move?

  22. Сейчас Гарри Кимович Артист! РК

  23. At the beginning Gary looks like Rocky going out to a match lol

  24. Would have been great if they had commentation and displayed the games

  25. what all this 4 HOURS VIDEO ABOUT????? Kasparov is walking around for 4 hours, and did not show any single game!! Very clever video))))

  26. I believe he pursposfully sits longer with the small kid, to encourage him

  27. What an OCD that hairy bastard is the way he has to touch every piece on his side on EVERY board before his first move. If I ever was opposite him in one of these I'd fuck with his pieces turning the knight's head the other way while he was away from the board. That's the way you beat this mong' nothig else ever worked. Although he did lose like a bitch to a machine and by today's standards would lose to my microwave oven.

  28. Not only garry exercised, the cameraman also did aswell

  29. we need the game scores. otherwise these are 4 hours of wasted life time.

  30. Kasparov should have sat on a chair and the rest of the players and their tables on a conveyor belt. He is the king

  31. imagine being a cameraman for this…wishing… hoping… praying… to work on kingdom the crystal skull!!!!! BURN

  32. 12:42 kaspa wishing he was fucking jane krakowski instead of having to play all that chess

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